Sunday Shorts 14 – Late Risers Edition


Have you ever had one of those weeks that passes slowly, but when you look back you don’t remember all the details? Yeah, me too. As such I kind of got a little behind on posting this week, so this personal finance roundup might be a few hours later than normal. Sorry for the delay – I know you were waiting! 🙂

Let’s get on with it before the day is over.

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I started on my journey to financial independence not long ago, around the end of 2014. Much like compound interest, my investment in financial independence (and early retirement) exponentially grew with each tidbit of knowledge I consumed. Looking back, I can’t even imagine how many blogs I ripped through; devouring their content like my cat eats her breakfast. (Imagine a tuxedo colored vacuum sucking up all the food from a tiny dish in a few seconds.) Unlike many who come across the path of financial independence, my journey started with a gift! A gift I can only imagine my wife now regrets. 🙂

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Monthly Expense Report, July 2017


Where is the summer going? I had this big long list of projects to accomplish in the warm weather, but now summer is slowly disappearing! (Not to mention all the days of hammock reading I’ve been missing out – why does it always rain on the weekends?!)

July came and went. Honestly, I cannot recall too much of what happened. Apparently nose to the grindstone at work makes for dull memories. Luckily, I can review my line items in YNAB to reminisce about last month. So let’s get moving onto the July Monthly Expense Report to see what victories, and mishaps, took place in the world of zencents.

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Sunday Shorts 12 – I’m On Vacation Edition


What a fabulous weeks it’s been! Today’s feature image is from my week long vacation spent in upstate NY – specifically the beautiful fields at Farm Sanctuary. (This month’s charitable organization of choice!) We’ve visited many times for day trips, but this year we opted to stay on site for a few days/nights. Totally relaxing, and totally enjoyable.

Unfortunately that means I likely missed out on all the amazing content being shared this week! (Which means y’all should send me links in the comments or message me on Twitter!) Luckily, I’ve got such a backlog in my inbox that I may never catch up!

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Sunday Shorts 11 – Breakfast Club Edition


Last week we revived the Sunday Shorts series with a collection of personal finance related blog posts. If you missed out on those amazing articles you can find them here (they’re still fresh): Sunday Shorts 10 – Return of the Blog. It was a great time, good crowd and fun morning of sharing on Twitter.

I thought I’d continue to bring a handful of those personal finance bloggers in to the ring again, but I’ve done in the past tack on a few categories of other content I’ve consumed this past week.

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