Aw, shucks, I am just a regular guy.

I am just a regular everyday normal guy.

I graduated nearly a decade ago and am still paying my student loans which started over $100k. They will be paid off in 2016. Yet, despite this great education (which I do not regret) I was just like everyone else. Go to school, find a job, have a “life” and retire at 65.

At some point in my late 20’s I learned I did not have to live my life according to those rules! I started educating myself about personal finance and BABOOM! I am now on the path to financial independence and a much earlier retirement!

So, now I am going to give back by sharing what I have learned from so many great bloggers and hours of personal research. I am doing this for anyone who wants to improve their finances AND enhance their life!

BUT, this blog is also for ME! I want to learn more. When I finally took command of my financial future it leaked over into so many other aspects of my life. (Still true 2017) I am reading more. (Still true 2017)  I am meditating daily.(Sadly, not quite true 2017)  But most importantly, I am taking the final steps towards a life free of animal-products. (Still working on 100% as of 2017)

Before I took hold of my financial future, it seems like I was just in a daze. Everyday was the same and purposeful living was never something I thought about. But now, I am excited! I have so many goals and so much to discover.

I love being on the path to financial freedom! I love that this journey is helping me find more purpose in my life! I feel great and I want to share it and help others feel the same way!

Let’s go!


PS. I will have you know, everything on this page is sincere. I can not stand corny writing!