A Year of Giving (More!)

sharing a bowl of tomatoes

This post is all about my plan to donate more freely and with maximum intention in the new year (2017). Ultimately, I hope to get a few readers to join me in the cause. That is why I below I am offering the chance to more or less match your donation when you join me. I am hoping this focused charity will inspire you to give more freely in other aspects of your life, not only monetarily, but other benefits to your community. So if you are feeling extra generous today, keep reading and please leave a comment on your way out. šŸ™‚ Continue reading “A Year of Giving (More!)”

2017: Yearly Goals

2017 yearly goals - mountain flowers

Only a few days left in January to get this in electronic writing. Because once it’s in writing only then do I become accountable for following through. So now that 2016 has wrapped us nicely, bringing much excitement, it’s time to focus on 2017. And what better to keep edging forward then to set some grandiose expectations of what the year will offer us.

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I Over Contributed to My 401(k)!

over contributed 401k - farm fields

Summary: When switching companies it is the employee’s responsibilityĀ to ensure 401(k) deferralsĀ do not exceed federal limits. When an amount in excess of the limit makes it into your retirement account, it is critical you act quickly. Talk with your HR rep. AND your 401(k) plan administrator to get the excess deferral returned to you. Failing to do so can result in double-taxation. You will need to report this on your taxes, the details of those requirements are below.

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So I recently left the job I have had for 8+ years! It was a tough decision, of course, but ultimately there were many factors leading up to this change. Things like departing bosses, departing long-time coworkers (friends) and just some general stagnation. Honestly, after that many years it was time to at least make a decent effort to see what is available.

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Emergency Fund: Stage 1 of Financial Independence

One of the initial steps towards financial independenceĀ is to build your emergency fund. The concept is simple: you set aside enough liquid assets for the surprises of life. Calling it an emergency fund attempts to shield you from spending it frivolously by assigning it a purpose. Most often these life surprises are events like job loss, major auto repairs or urgent health expenses.

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Libraries: A Friend for Financial Independence

library bookshelf

I think libraries are cool. I try to make use of libraries in my area and even enjoy visiting them on vacations. Something about a room full of books just makes you feel good inside (and smart!). But, I know plenty of people who love reading and are lifelong learners, but NEVER use these incredible institutions. Frankly, I find it quite puzzling and hope that after reading this post you become a library lover too!

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