Monthly Expense Report, July 2017


Where is the summer going? I had this big long list of projects to accomplish in the warm weather, but now summer is slowly disappearing! (Not to mention all the days of hammock reading I’ve been missing out – why does it always rain on the weekends?!)

July came and went. Honestly, I cannot recall too much of what happened. Apparently nose to the grindstone at work makes for dull memories. Luckily, I can review my line items in YNAB to reminisce about last month. So let’s get moving onto the July Monthly Expense Report to see what victories, and mishaps, took place in the world of zencents.

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Monthly Expense Report, June 2017


Summer is here – and for maybe the first time since being an adult, I am excited for the warm weather! I am 90% of the time a cool/cold weather guy, so summer is always dreadful. The heat and humidity makes me tired and cranky! 😉

I must be getting old, because that summertime feeling is filling me up!

June was a record month for my finances. Spending, while not an all time low, was relatively good , but it was the income side that penned this month into the record books.

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Monthly Expense Report, May 2017


Man, last month was a-May-zing! Very busy at work, very busy at home – hard to keep up with it all AND find time to relax. (In fact this post has been 95% complete for weeks – and only now in July am I getting it out there!)

I need to find more time for the blog – or just set it free. Still I will plug away to track my path to FIRE. Publicizing it is fairly interesting, but is it worth the extra effort? I’d love to someday look back on these entries and be grateful – but I’m entering the doldrums of FI and life is constantly beckoning.

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Monthly Expense Report, March 2017


A three paycheck month,  a big spending month, a look back at my spending for March: time for a fresh Monthly Expense Report! 🙂

I can’t say I did very well this month keeping expenses inline; so somehow I turned what should have been an amazing saving period with three paychecks into a consuming extravaganza! Let’s get a quick review of the numbers and then dive into a few details.

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