Sunday Shorts 09: Housing


First Sunday Shorts post of 2017 (in mid-March!) and it’s time for a little change in format. I’ve historically made these filler posts as a way to share interesting articles or things from my week(s) passed. Not much cohesion, or really much to cling on to. But, for this year I’d like to constrain each post with a theme. So for this post I’ve collected a number of inspiring, interesting and intriguing items; all of them related in some way to housing, specifically the offbeat.

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Sunday Shorts 08

painted sheep

Oh yes, that beautiful winter weather is here! Yesterday the weather was sunny, breezy and at best 20° F. Layered up, I made the half-mile walk to the library to drop off some books and renew a few others. I of course took the opportunity to warm up before heading home. But, every minute of that trip was GREAT! It only got better later as the dog and I took a long stroll. Whenever it’s this cold, even without snow, the whole world is just quieter. Then when you get home it’s toasty and you feel so refreshed. I can’t wait to go out again today!

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Sunday Shorts 06

I swear this blog is not about horses. Apparently they are just really photogenic. I was just driving back from the shops when a horse (plus rider) were crossing the street. I don’t really live in a rural area, but this is not too uncommon for me. Back growing up there was a barn a few houses away with two horses. I would walk by them twice a day to catch the bus. Usually feed them some grass on the walk home. Random train of thought for the afternoon.

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Sunday Shorts 03

Oh boy, I don’t even know where I left off and so much has taken place since any last update. A month ago, my somewhat slow job search began to gain steam fast as I landed two interview within a matter of days. Fortunately, the choice between those two was easy as I was determined to be under qualified for one. So, then it was, is the new job offer good enough to depart my current job after eight years. And for many reasons, the answer was YES!

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Sunday Shorts 01

Wow, so I have been swamped at work and outside, so much so that when I began typing this I thought it was March. I have been increasing my pursuit of a new job and landed a few phone interviews and some in-person time these past weeks. Scheduled for round 2 on a great position, so waiting on that. Also busy at work preparing for a Quarterly Technical Review presentation at work, which went well this past week. Finally, going to be getting two new dog friends this weekend to take care of until May. Glad I am now finding the time to come back to the site. Talking about the site…

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