FIRE-side Thoughts

Looking for a little inspiration for the day? Below is a collection of ongoing quotes, mostly related to Financial Independence-Early Retirement, but a handful of other life ideas too! If you have something good to share, please message me on on Twitter @zen_cents.

  • Don’t Know How to Get Started? Track Your Spending! If you want to get your financial situation in order, the best way is to just start tracking your spending. There are many ways to do it: Mint, YNAB, even pen and paper! Make sure to write down everything you spend – cash, credit, loan payments. At the end of the month review your spending, Don’t be surprised at the “unexpected” expenses you find. With the knowledge of how you spend your money, start tackling the why; this will encourage you to make real lifestyle changes and increase mindfulness in your financial life.
  • If You Don’t Have the Money, Go Without. This is a lesson most people (young or old) forget. You don’t actually need a car, so if you can’t afford to pay cash, don’t get a loan. You don’t need nice clothes, or a smart phone, or a fancy laptop or iPad or Kindle, you don’t need to go to nice restaurants or the movies or bars. If you don’t have the money, find free ways to have fun or get things done you need to get done.