Monthly Expense Report, April 2016

Oops! I was so proud last time for getting the monthly expense report update out in a timely manner. But life kind of got in the way this time and I am now reporting mid-month. Lots of great things happening though, so I am not too sad for how late this is coming. So let’s get on with it, time is not waiting around.

Just like every month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1600 per month. With some of life’s changes starting in June, this number will need to be revised.

Monthly Expense Report
Category Costs Comments, etc.
Student loans $4855 Boom! Applied the generous gift from my parents and added some money myself.
Housing $900 My half of our monthly payment including principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Veterinarian $260 Big kitty was overdue for a checkup! Healthy!
Debt $135 Payment on a 0% interest loan
Medical $135 Payment for a consultation
Utilities $130 Quarterly water/sewer bill, up a bit from Jan.
Auto $110 2 tanks of petrol + insurance
Foods $105 High because I got a hankerin’ for sushi
Entertainment $90 Celebrated my buddies house sale!
Internet $70 Should be $20 cheaper going forward!
Mobile $50 Same old prepaid pricing
Personal $20 Barber haircut for job interviews!
Total $6855 High, but probably just student loan payments.
Total – SL $2000 Oh, I guess I missed my target by 25%.
It was a crazy and busy month (excuses!)


So, applied the gift my parents gave me to my student loans. Apparently at that point I noticed how close I was to being under $5,000 on my student loan debt. Moved some money around (money tabbed for vacation/moving) and sent a few more payments. Plan is to knock this thing out by end of May! And then we celebrate! Feels good.

Nothing else to fun happening regarding money. Some vet bills for big kitty who needed her checkup. Overdue and overweight, so a few extra tests. But everything came back clean and healthy! Meow-meow!

A bit of extraneous spending. A good friend sold his live-in fixer-upper so we went out to celebrate. Always good to appreciate someone’s hard work!

Finally, a sneaky little haircut. Which I needed for a few job interviews. Apparently the suave me worked some magic because I landed an accepted an offer. But, this is not the venue for that topic. 😀

Net Worth Update

Good on this front, but nothing ground breaking.

Green shaded area is net worth and orange line my goal set at the beginning of the year.

Still well ahead of my goal line. And nearly on the verge of 50% to my yearly goal a full 2-months early! With a new job coming up, I am taking some time off so growth will slow this month (maybe contract). BUT, come June I expect to quickly accelerate above and beyond my goal. By the end of the year I will need to adjust my y-axis for this pretty little graph!

As always, until the next monthly expense report; Keep on, saving up!

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