Monthly Expense Report, February 2017

February was a bit of an odd month. The month is already shorter than most. I topped that with numerous appointments (planned and unplanned) that chopped down my time at work so much it felt like a vacation. So on one hand; great! a surprise vacation; on the other hand, so many projects piling up!

But anyway… I always like to just dive right in, so back to the February Monthly Expenses. Like every month, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1525 per month.

Monthly Expense Report

monthly expense report - january 2017
55% on housing! (Actually surprised how low some of these lines ended for the month.)
Foods and cash(man)

So this number came in WAY lower than I expected. I was sadly (?!) impaneled last month for a civil case, that lasted five days. The case itself was serious enough, but the witnesses… comical, scary and outlandish. Anyway, this meant I was thrown off from my normal lunch routine and ATE LUNCH OUT THREE DAYS IN A ROW! Yet, that hardly showed a blip in the Foods expense line. This on top of a $20 buffet lunch with coworkers. All in a welcome surprise. 🙂


I debated on the category for this as it is vehicle related, but decided against it  apparently. Once a year charge by the town for owning a motorized, street-legal vehicle. Highest I have ever paid (usually 1/3rd this amount); thanks new car!


Feels good to spend in this line! Already only $10 short of what I donated all of last year! I spent my baseline $25 towards the ACLU, but then matched an extra $5 thanks to Matt from the Resume Gap commenting on the post about his donation!

And then Humble Bundle posted a sale with all proceeds going towards organizations. Of course I got in on that. (Hello, Stardew Valley!) Overall, the first two months of 2017 have been amazing in the budget sense, especially the donation front. (Psst.. come help me donate even more!)

Net Worth

Do I smell oranges? Looks like it’s about time to catch up with that NW goal line.

So what does it mean when markets are up 5.5% in the first two months? I mean that can’t continue right? And during the accumulation phase for Early Retirement, I shouldn’t want it to continue! Sure it makes the numbers look pretty, but I wouldn’t mind a slow down. (Of course, if this market helps me increase my income… )

Net worth at the end of February is up 7.6% compared to January 31st. Honestly, I used to check my number everyday, often more than once. Anymore, I am just so busy at work (including commute) that a lot of the number “games” I used to play just get back burner’d. Fortunately, my decent spending habits continue, the markets are playing nice and my number is on the rise.

March preview: Already spent more in first seven days of March than January and February combined. (Three paycheck month though… 🙂 )

8 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, February 2017”

    1. This is my first job where I’ve ever been the benefactor of a three-paycheck month. My favorite part is stuffing all that $$$ into my 401(k)! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Great results! I would love to get my expenses as low as yours, but rent + car payment is already $1,800. It’s also fantastic that you are upping charitable donations. It’s good to help those in need, and if you itemize you get to decrease your taxes as well.

    Your data visualizations are very good, would you mind sharing how you make them? I’ve tried online services but they mostly suck, and LibreOffice isn’t particularly good. I was contemplating using something like R or Python, but that might take some work getting set up.

    Keep doing great! I’m looking forward to a 4 paycheck month in March, but I’ve already spent a tremendous amount of money so far.

    1. Charitable donations for sure! (Yes, deductions are nice, but not even close to being a main factor). Hoping to keep upping during the years leading up to ER, when I’ll have ample time to switch to volunteering. 🙂

      Yes, I have been working on the presentation of the expense report. The visuals do look pretty (thanks Tableau!), but you do lose some usability from not using text. I think Excel 2016 might have similar “treemap” style graphs. (Why u no have Google Sheets?!) Ultimately, I’d love to get R/Python setup, but don’t really have that time currently. (Automation is king!!!)

      Good luck in March! (And the new job?!)

  2. I love your graphics! Makes it so easy to see your spending levels and percentages! Very cool!

    Wow– $85 on food?!!! Pretty amazing!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been working on the format and it’s still not quite right, but close.

      Absolutely an odd month, so that is very low. Lots of freezer foods, items from the cupboard kind of month. Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

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