Monthly Expense Report, June 2016

Ooh boy, what a long month June was and since I am writing this so late into July, I know the craziness has carried over. But, it’s really hot outside, so what better time to catch up on my monies? June was a good month. Getting some paychecks rolling in is great, and I even shoved some money into my IRA. For now let’s focus on spending in June, which finished 16 days ago… oops!

Just like every month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1600 per month until I reach steady state with so many changes taking place.

Monthly Expense Report
Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $905 My half of our monthly payment including principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Auto $150 Insurance + three tanks of gas! (Offset because some travel for work will be reimbursed)
Debt $135 Payment on 0% interest loan.
Pets $135 Food + treats for the furry ones
Gifts $80 Chip-in for my parents anniversary getaway
Vacation $75 Booking activities for our international vacation
Internet $50 $20 cheaper than it has been!
Mobile $50 With terrible coverage at work this might be changing soon… Cricket?
Food $75 Lunch groceries + two restaurant outings
Clothing $25 Great deal on some undergarments
Student loans $0 Just one month to see a zero here. Ha!
Total $1679 Not too shabby.


Last month’s big to-do was knocking out my remaining student loans. Now that balance is at $0 (even got a “receipt” in the mail!). But, I had to see the monthly expenses with a nice round zero for at least a single month. Still feels so freeing to be done with that debt!

Gas was a bigger expense last month. Of course, I get reimbursed at the federal rate via work. But I am paying for this upfront, so I am going to include it for now. The new job requires some local travel, but big plans for July means it might not hit my wallet so hard. (And make reimbursements even better!)

Being free of my student loan debt means some regular monthly expenses are going to be more freely shared moving forward. So this month I made it a goal to help with that cash flow and buy some kibbles. Our animals eat like royalty, in terms of dry food, so this expense is high, but worth it!

A few atypical expenses with gifts and slowly adding to our vacation plans. My parents have a big anniversary coming up, so my siblings decided to give them an nice amazing night out. Also reserved a day-tour for our upcoming overseas trip. Without a car for the first part of that vacation, but sights need to be seen!

Internet bill finally dropped, for the same service. I’ll take it!

I have TERRIBLE mobile service at work, especially my work area. I am researching a move to a different provider. Apparently AT&T works great. I can find cheap plans, but would need to buy a new phone. Maybe sell my current and buy used again on Swappa. To be determined.

I came out above my spend goal, but barely, and would be lower without some of those one off expenses. We will see what July holds (hint: I already know it’s nothing but bad news for this report!).

Net Worth Update

Creeping closer to that orange goal line.


Up 1.4% or so from last month, but barely 5% over my 2016 goal. The markets were relatively flat for June, so no help there. And with less than 1.5 paychecks from work I am glad it trended upwards. With full paychecks in July and some other big news, next month will make this a bit more interesting for the second half of the year!

2 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, June 2016”

  1. Congrats on the zero in student loans! That must feel like quite a milestone (it should!)

    Thanks for sharing the report. I couldn’t find where you were located. That could put some of the expenses into perspective. Thanks for sharing, either way!

    1. Yes, considering my payback was in the six-figures, it is a HUGE milestone!

      I definitely live in a high cost-of-living area, easily top-15 for the USA. But, the jobs are plentiful and the weather is enjoyable most of the year (for my liking). The housing costs, not as attractive.

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