Monthly Expense Report, March 2017

A three paycheck month,  a big spending month, a look back at my spending for March: time for a fresh Monthly Expense Report! 🙂

I can’t say I did very well this month keeping expenses inline; so somehow I turned what should have been an amazing saving period with three paychecks into a consuming extravaganza! Let’s get a quick review of the numbers and then dive into a few details.

Like every month, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1525 per month.

Monthly Expense Report


Those be some tall expense blocks!
$1,675 on home purchase

Admittedly, this could be an “investment” as it is going towards a DIY home improvement project. Our downstairs den (I imagine all dens are downstairs) is lined with this beautiful, worn out, stained and yucky carpet. It’s not the most pleasant room to spend time in, which is a shame given it’s general coziness and abundant, sunny windows!

So, this April(right now actually) we are ripping out the old and laying down the new. Nothing fancy, but still something called “luxury” vinyl tiles, which are more like plank like than tile-like. Going to be a lot more work before we finish, but it will be light, fresh and vibrant when all buttoned up. Still engaging in prep work currently, but that is the MOST IMPORTANT step for this whole project. Wish us luck! 🙂 (As I revisit this to finish it up – still doing prep. Advice: don’t buy a house that is too old?!)

$1,170 on entertainment

Right now I am typing this up on a fancy, schamncy little 2-in-1 laptop. After years of suffering on an under-powered netbook (whose battery lasted all of 1.5 hours – seriously, bad netbook) I am now living in the fast lane – with touch capability to boot! (The only downside so far – no Ubuntu! Back to evil Windows. Time to find a spare USB stick to try the new hardware before committing to dual-booting.)

Another great thing – Google Sheets runs so smoothly. Calculations used to take minutes to complete, now we are moving into less than 10 seconds! Odd that a web-based app would rely so much on local power.

Finally, with that touch screen I am going to start toying with some digial art. Hopefully some of it will make its way onto the site. 🙂

$1,795 on the rest

Inching closer to that final debt payment (besides mortgage payments). Also continued getting a little help in the way of charitable donations. Not the $80 from last month, but still content with $35! 🙂

Hoping April rounds up a little closer to the goal, but with an ongoing project on an older house, I have some doubts. At least the warm weather will be back – though I already miss the frosty-chills of winter!

Net Worth

Even with all of that spending, inching ever closer to yummy, yummy orange goal line. April is going to make it happen. (Barring unforeseen spending – which I know there sort will be. Hint: it’s actually NW  positive, but I don’t track it on here.)


Looking at the actual numbers, looks like I am Net Worth up 3.8% over last month, while a shade over 2.5% off my goal. Those numbers are actually pretty great given the large spending, flat markets (S&P down 0.4%), but not surprising given three paychecks and automated retirement savings.

So there we have it, 1/4 of the year in the books. History, all done! Next month is Financial Literacy Month, and you know I’m going to be sharing fiscal goodness.

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Smell ya’ later!

4 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, March 2017”

  1. Great job this month! Your spending went up but net worth is increasing how you need it to be. Hopefully your spending next month will be closer to your target!

    What laptop did you get? Losing Ubuntu sucks, there are so many really useful libraries like imagemagick that help out with design and blogging. My company got me a Razer Blade laptop and I tried running 16.04 on it. Had to upgrade the kernel, take some fixes for the WiFi driver, custom install the video driver, and I still couldn’t extend my screen or use the WebCam so its Windows for me. I couldn’t even get Gnome working fully on it, although I never tried 17.04.

    I’m looking at getting a new personal laptop. Mine is 6+ years old, and its starting to show wear and tear. I’m trying to sell my gaming desktop to buy a higher end laptop that will last me several years at least, but apparently nobody wants an i6700 with a 512 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD, 32 GB RAM, and a GTX 1070. I’ve gotta keep trying I guess.

    Great job, I look forward to reading more updates.

    1. Thanks! Hope I start beating that projection again by the end of April.

      Ended up with the HP (meh) Spectre 13″. So far, so good. Way faster than my old Celeron powered netbook, but odd getting used to Windows again, for personal use outside of the work realm. Not to mention the screen is 2″ bigger and higher res.

      Someone will buy your desktop, probably at a steep discount. Only you can decide if it’s worth it. If you rarely use it, probably worth any offer. Good luck!

      1. Think of it this way, you’ll be beating your projection by the end of April after you had a month with $4,000 worth of spending!

        I still have no idea how to use Windows, I need to google everything. My desktop’s parts are worth about $1550, and I’m hoping to get $1100-$1250 for it. I very rarely use it. It was fun putting it together, but I just don’t game like I used to.

        Are you going to deduct the cost of your laptop from your 2017 taxes? If you use it for your blog, you deserve the deduction.

        1. Ha! Definitely not deducting – this blog is merely a distraction at this point. Maybe someday (like when I started it) I’ll have free time to dedicate for making it better. For now, sporadic and random updates.

          Put the price at $1,000 and just get it gone. 🙂

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