Monthly Expense Report, October 2016

That’s no money tree. Nope, that squat white birch is a resilient resident of the slopes surrounding one of the world’s most active volcanoes… and I got to meet it! October was a wild month, primarily spending time overseas in distant lands being amazed, tired, and a bit out of place. And I finally have some decent pictures of my own to share on the site! 🙂

But with all of that joyous vacationing, came a few big expenses. We planned for months and talked about it for years, so luckily we actually over-saved in preparation. And even with the high cost… IT TOTALLY WAS WORTH IT!

And like every month prior, this is only my spending and no one else in the household (admittedly a bit more blended this go round). Current target is under $1450 per month.  Hmm… I think the reins were relaxed this month!

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Travel $2200 I REPEAT… TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! 🙂
Home $955 Insulation next month! (Our house has ZERO!)
Housing $925  My half for our lovely living space
Debt $135 Installment on our HVAC loan (1 yr left @ 0%)
Groceries + Restaurants $75  A few jars of PB on sale!
Auto  $65  Insurance and gasoline
Internet $50 Good for last minute travel purchases!
Phone  $45  Still no change…
Gifts  $45  Amazing cookbook from amazing restaurant!
Pets  $20 Puppy with the tummy aches.. 🙁
Total  $4520 No shame… would do again! And again!

Obviously that is one EXPENSIVE TRIP! But with all of the planning and saving we could mostly relax during our time away. Mostly, because any form of travel and coordination is stressful. More so when you are somewhere foreign and when English isn’t the local lingo. Compared to some of the pre-planned vacations we perused, self-planning saved a wad of cash and certainly gave us more freedom. I will be sure to share more pictures soon, to see who can guess where we went! 😉

#2. I finally scheduled some insulation work to be done at home, where our mid-century dwelling has near zero of the wall and ceiling stuffing. Cost wise, we get a decent rebate from our utility company, but the ROI is still quite long, like 5-6 years. If I was a company I wouldn’t invest in it, but a company can’t feel the downright cold nights we will have in the next few months. 

Otherwise same old expenses. The amazing cookbook is actually from a restaurant we found and had probably 75% of our meals while in one city. It is easily one of the best places I have been to. Sadly the book was only being sold on Amazon UK so I had to pony up a few more euros to get it stateside. Now to figure out what preheating an oven means… 🙂

Net Worth Update




And back down we go! Because I am new at my job I had to take most of this vacation as unpaid leave. Smaller paychecks + higher expenses = lower NW. It could have been worse, but we got a surprise off cycle bonus which helped cover some “lost” income.

Update from July’s side income challenge. Sitting at about $165 calculated profit from work mileage expenses. Need to do more, but … the motivation seems to be lacking.

Let’s hope the holiday season doesn’t continue on my wallet next month.


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