Monthly Expense Report, September 2016

I am writing this post post-the-usual-time-frame. It’s been busy weeks and months, but can’t fall off the updates before the 1-year mark! It will be short and sweet this go around.

Just like every month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1450 per month.

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $925 Half of our monthly installment.
Home $145  A few projects to wrap up.
Debt $135 Installment on our HVAC loan.
Clothing $110  Sweaters x3
Groceries + restaurants $105  Lunch and laziness
Auto $85  Insurance + 2 tanks of gas (thx new car!)
Medical $80  Follow up appointment
Pets $70  My true masters
Fun $65  A # of birthdays fall in September
Internet $50  Same as ever
Phone $45  Same as ever
Travel $35  Final prep for next month
Gifts $25  Again with the birthdays :p
Total $1875  Meh… is it January yet?

I knew coming into September there would be a few extra expenses. I added a few of my own in the form of multipurpose work/outdoor sweaters. I have been wearing them constantly. As someone who use to work in jeans and a t-shirt, I feel a sweater ups my game in the new office. 

Other than that I have been taking on a few more household projects, mostly getting ready for the winter. More and more it seems like we may not move out of this house for a number of years, so taking on those preventative projects. Thinking about contracting out some insulation work. Not just for the cost savings, but mostly for the comfort. Heating a split-level is… difficult to balance. Future house hunting will consider this idea of comfort more.

And finally, I have been taking on more household expenses. Mostly related to all things cat. Litter and food, seems like they consume more than I do! Food, not litter.

Net Worth Update

Three paycheck month y’all! Bouncing back!


Barely catching up to that goal line, in fact not sure if getting closer or farther. Do know that I am now above the high point from June! So, yay, net worth at its highest ever!

In July’s update I talked about the need to get some side income streaming in. A few mileage expense checks from work and a few cash-back incentives put me around an extra $67 for the month. I’ll take it.

Next month is full of extra expenses and unpaid vacation.

October will be a doozy!

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