Monthly Expense Reports

For reference on the above chart, the orange bars are monthly expense report totals [right-hand scale], and the green area my (hopefully) growing net worth [no associated scale]!

Here you will find all of my expense reports since I started the blog back in January 2016. I have been tracking for longer; however, never to the detail and verbosity found in the monthly expense reports below. I am also including a number of other related posts, such as yearly summaries and historical net worth timelines.

For 2017, I will increase the number of related posts by delving into budgeting techniques, expense tracking strategies, and analysis methods. And finally, I will work on developing, for sharing purposes, Budgeting Templates and/or Monthly Expense Report Templates via Google Sheets and possibly Microsoft Excel.

Special posts

  • 2016: Review of a Green Year
    • With interactive chart! 🙂
  • Monthly Budget: How it All Adds Up (sometime)
  • Budgeting Practice: Proactive vs. Reactive (sometime)

Below you will find all of the detailed reports. Each line also provides a quick snapshot by including that month’s expense total and change in net worth.

2017 Monthly Expense Reports

2016 Monthly Expense Reports