Monthly Expense Report, June 2016

Ooh boy, what a long month June was and since I am writing this so late into July, I know the craziness has carried over. But, it’s really hot outside, so what better time to catch up on my monies? June was a good month. Getting some paychecks rolling in is great, and I even shoved some money into my IRA. For now let’s focus on spending in June, which finished 16 days ago… oops!

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Sunday Shorts 03

Oh boy, I don’t even know where I left off and so much has taken place since any last update. A month ago, my somewhat slow job search began to gain steam fast as I landed two interview within a matter of days. Fortunately, the choice between those two was easy as I was determined to be under qualified for one. So, then it was, is the new job offer good enough to depart my current job after eight years. And for many reasons, the answer was YES!

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Monthly Expense Report, May 2016

Finally some changes happening in my monthly expenses. Of course, this is not the place to read about all that jazz, so expect some more details to leak out via other posts. Being off of work for 2+ weeks has meant a little less time spent tracking spending and updating my spreadsheets. But, I think I have got everything all squared away now. Exploring financial frontiers over here.

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So I recently left the job I have had for 8+ years! It was a tough decision, of course, but ultimately there were many factors leading up to this change. Things like departing bosses, departing long-time coworkers (friends) and just some general stagnation. Honestly, after that many years it was time to at least make a decent effort to see what is available.

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Sunday Shorts 01

Wow, so I have been swamped at work and outside, so much so that when I began typing this I thought it was March. I have been increasing my pursuit of a new job and landed a few phone interviews and some in-person time these past weeks. Scheduled for round 2 on a great position, so waiting on that. Also busy at work preparing for a Quarterly Technical Review presentation at work, which went well this past week. Finally, going to be getting two new dog friends this weekend to take care of until May. Glad I am now finding the time to come back to the site. Talking about the site…

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Emergency Fund: Stage 1 of Financial Independence

One of the initial steps towards financial independenceĀ is to build your emergency fund. The concept is simple: you set aside enough liquid assets for the surprises of life. Calling it an emergency fund attempts to shield you from spending it frivolously by assigning it a purpose. Most often these life surprises are events like job loss, major auto repairs or urgent health expenses.

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Libraries: A Friend for Financial Independence

library bookshelf

I think libraries are cool. I try to make use of libraries in my area and even enjoy visiting them on vacations. Something about a room full of books just makes you feel good inside (and smart!). But, I know plenty of people who love reading and are lifelong learners, but NEVER use these incredible institutions. Frankly, I find it quite puzzling and hope that after reading this post you become a library lover too!

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Monthly Expense Report, January 2016

I wanted to get this January update out before the middle of February rolled around, so I wouldn’t miss the beginning of the calendar year. What you will find below is my complete monthly expense report which I sorted from biggest to smallest, counting every cent spent. Well, maybe not exactly every cent as I did round to the nearest multiple of $5 for readability.

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