So I recently left the job I have had for 8+ years! It was a tough decision, of course, but ultimately there were many factors leading up to this change. Things like departing bosses, departing long-time coworkers (friends) and just some general stagnation. Honestly, after that many years it was time to at least make a decent effort to see what is available.

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Sunday Shorts 01

Wow, so I have been swamped at work and outside, so much so that when I began typing this I thought it was March. I have been increasing my pursuit of a new job and landed a few phone interviews and some in-person time these past weeks. Scheduled for round 2 on a great position, so waiting on that. Also busy at work preparing for a Quarterly Technical Review presentation at work, which went well this past week. Finally, going to be getting two new dog friends this weekend to take care of until May. Glad I am now finding the time to come back to the site. Talking about the site…

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