Sunday Shorts 05

Hay neigh-bor, nice to see you!

Are you guys playing Pokemon Go? Of course you are. I played the games and watched the TV show growing up. So now despite being a bit older, this game is great. When it works. Sorry, just needed to make sure I captured the moment.

In other news, I have made a new vehicle purchase in the last few weeks. I previously mentioned perusing various Prius models, and well I did end up with one. It is a great car so far, and has one special feature most Prii don’t have: it has a plug! Yes, I can charge my car up at home. I have been logging a fair number of EV miles when I can. The math does not support that decision, but for now I am content possibly polluting less. (I really have not looked to hard into where our electricity is being generated or how, so I may just be polluting upstream). Once I get some time I will dive into those numbers and everything that went into my decision.

I also finally got my 401k rolled over from the old job. So now that wad of dollars is sitting pretty at Fidelity in a low-low-fee index fund. I still need to get my HSA rolled over. I thought I had some more time, but they already started charging fees to that account! Oops!

Work is BUSY! I can’t remember ever working this hard. On one hand it is nice to be occupied and constantly moving forward. On the other, it would be nice to have a few lulls in the momentum to catch my breath. It’s only been a handful of weeks so maybe I will get over this hump in the weeks coming up.

There are so many things happening in the world right now. Good things, bad things, worse things. Obviously there is the presidential election, but I don’t think I am ready to step into that (heh, yeah that was a shit joke). Then there are the multiple terror attacks and domestic issues. Again, this may be the norm and things are just getting more air time than usual. Media is a tricky beast.

But, let’s try and look for some happy internet content to read through on what is hopefully a beautiful summer weekend!

  • Here is an interesting article about generational populations effecting the economy, this time of course about Gen Y, aka Millennials. The Cheapest Generation mostly discusses the purchasing habits for cars and homes. Apparently I am the odd ball who is buying both, and not just recently. In my opinion, these purchases will eventually rise among my generation as Boomers slowly leave the work force. But what do I know.
  • I can’t remember if I linked this before, but it is always present in my mind anymore: the thought of living for happiness. Steve at posted a great two-part piece about living for yourself. For me, with everything going on in the world, and a new somewhat stressful job, I keep coming back to what I want from life. And I don’t have an answer yet. Which is okay.
  • Something else that sparked this what do I want in life thought-train was Mr. Jon Stewart’s recent “tirade” on the Late Show. I think Jon is more of a role model for me now than ever. Retired, happy on his farm with his sanctuary animals and still getting his voice heard. He is someone I will continue to admire for his courage to live his own life.
  • Finally got a copy of Jacob Fisker’s book Early Retirement Extreme from a library branch not my own, but near a restaurant we had brunch at. (PS, that brunch was TASTY and VEGAN!). I never read his blog, but so far the book is fantastic. Will have to get a review up when I am finished.
  • I should start meditating again.

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