Sunday Shorts 07

Busy week after busy week. Hope all of those peeps out at FinCon16 (I think it’s over now) had a blast in San Diego! That city is really cool the few times I have been there. Maybe in a few years I can get out there too… maybe an east coast FinCon?

Working on a few other posts I have been pondering for a while, looking at the new car purchase (which is now a few months old!), the money that purchase has “saved” me and possibly a few thoughts about early-retirement to a fun, but minimum wage position.

I’ve been saving up links for a while now, so there are going to be a larger than normal list below.

  • J$ recently posted a hilarious little mind-game called “The Financial Empowerment Game.” The gist is when you go into a store, you determine if you can buy ANYTHING they sell. Lower levels are things like fast-food and move up to things like car dealerships. Go check out your progress, I think I am at the Baby-Baller status. No crying though.
  • Older article about happiness and city living, with a great anecdote about the city of Bogota: The secrets of the world’s happiest cities. Lot of public spaces, biking and de-congestion. Having never really lived in a city, things like this make it much more attractive.
  • Originally had US and China signing off on the Paris Agreement, but new update that I missed, it now includes Brazil as well. Big deal and pretty awesome that it’s showing progress. I am hoping something big comes out of this, but will have to wait and see.
  • Just going to leave this here, about adopting a dog, because it perfectly reflects my experience.
  • This post at MadFientist, Happiness Through Subtraction, has been in my mind ever since I read it, and now the idea is covered over at Yahoo (Verizon?). I also love the comments, as are typical whenever something along these lines goes mainstream. “Happiness from money won’t last long,” which is mostly the opposite of what most FIRE people are doing. FI is the freedom to go out and find that happiness everyone is looking for.
  • And one final article, because I need to go clean some windows. While I can say my diet is mostly vegan, I guess I have not gone 100% (I hate seeing food thrown away). Anyway, I need to get back into the lift gaming and stick with that vegan diet, because it can definitely work: The Vegan Diet of American Olympic Weightlifter Kendrick Farris.

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