Sunday Shorts 08

Oh yes, that beautiful winter weather is here! Yesterday the weather was sunny, breezy and at best 20° F. Layered up, I made the half-mile walk to the library to drop off some books and renew a few others. I of course took the opportunity to warm up before heading home. But, every minute of that trip was GREAT! It only got better later as the dog and I took a long stroll. Whenever it’s this cold, even without snow, the whole world is just quieter. Then when you get home it’s toasty and you feel so refreshed. I can’t wait to go out again today!

[Picture unrelated, but those sheep sure look warm in their thick wool jackets.]

For years, I’ve been making my weekend coffee in a french press my college roommate “gifted” me. He didn’t want it, so I took it. The problem with it was the time it took to make hot water, and my ability to brew an appropriate amount. Well, I used a birthday gift card and bought this [not an ad]: Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker. I don’t like the K-cup approach to coffee, but this single serve is amazing! I just grind up enough beans for like 8 cups and throw what I don’t use into the refrigerator. It’s nice getting to work ready to dive in. Means I get to leave earlier, or with less guilt.

Speaking of work. Six months on the job is coming up. Those first few months were fairly rough, getting used to everything, everyone and being the new guy. At this point I am mostly self-reliant and becoming well versed in the workplace flow. Overall I am pretty happy with how things are going. I am not getting everything done as perfectly as I would like, but apparently I’ve been doing pretty well. Projects are becoming more interesting as well.

I am hoping as things settle in at work I can squeeze a few hours every week back into the site. All that free time I had when I signed the domain seems to have vaporized.

  • It’s the time of year to give without reservation. And with our new political climate it’s important to support the causes important to you. I would love for someday to have a side project where I could generate as much as MMM. I was relatively surprised by this post of his back in October. Congratulations Mr. Money Mustache!
  • Too much stuff! Always too much! During this holiday break I will have a few days home alone. I think it’s time to get trashed! I’ll never be anywhere close to these “hard core” minimalists, but it’s something to take cues from. Inspiring photo journal:
  • Continuing the lifestyles trend, this article is one of my favorites from the past few years. It looks perfect! I admit it strikes close to home because of its location and style of the building. This is surely saved into the back of mind for future inspiration.
  • I want to end on something fun. At the library yesterday, I looked up in the catalog to see if jlcollinnh’s book “The Simple Path to Wealth” was available. It was not… BUT, there were at least three copies on order and already three copies circulating in the system. Way to go! Hope he takes a card from MMM’s deck and gets some money out to his favorite causes! 🙂

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