Sunday Shorts 10 – Return of the Blog

It’s been a slow few months on this site. I can make all sort of excuses, but it’s time for this blog to get busy again! What better way to kick that off than to bring in some of my favorite pieces of content for the past few weeks.

Before we dive in, just a few quick updates from around the site.

Finally got back on the donation bandwagon, after having not submitted a donation for about a month. For April I donated $25 to Build Commonwealth, in May $25 to the American Heart Association, and finally in June $25 to Sierra Club. YTD the page has collectively donated $257! Already double my donations from last year. Here you can follow along (and contribute!) with my Year of Giving More.

Still keeping up with income reports for the past months, though not always quite “on time.” June I was happy to get out pretty early, by my recent standards, and share the great news of a BIG fat bonus! It’s pretty exciting times getting money like that and inching closer to financial freedom everyday. I’ve added a countdown to the site, which right now is more of a target date – we’ve not decided how/when we will tackle an early retirement transition once financial independence is within our grasp.

This week’s collection of links is 100% personal finance related. I guess I’ve been getting that budgeting/investing/modeling bug ever since the big bonus!

    • Pleasantly surprised earlier this week when a new MadFientist podcast showed up in my library. In his interview with the Happy Philosopher, they talked many things shop – especially for high earners like doctors. (I admit I was unfamiliar with this fellow called the Happy Philosopher.) But, it was a great start to the week, in that it sparked a need for me to always be considering the “practice of happiness.” Well worth a listen.
    • Came across some content at a site new to me called Satisfied Ghost. A number of read-worthy pieces, but really enjoyed the Ten Point Financial Checkup. Solid points about awareness, happiness, and giving! (Plus look at that solid tagline: “Financial Freedom through Mindfulness”)
    • These next two are all about choosing an approach to budgeting that works for your life. The Feminist Financier uses an approach she is calling “scarcity budgeting” in her post How Do You Budget? Scarcity Budgeting Works Best for Me. Basically, cover your expenses – the rest goes for financial security, whether its an emergency fund, extra debt payments, or investments. Very similar to my approach – just written better than I could!
    • Our second budget read is titled The Two-Line Budget from Budget Addict. If you’re in a good financial state this approach could work wonders for you. You set aside a certain % first, then pay your expenses and fun money with the rest. That first % group is your automatic savings. Great approach, as it makes savings the priority, and doesn’t let “necessary” expenses sneak in to take your financial future.  
    • It’s the conundrum that constantly plagues the personal finance crowd: Should you focus on Increasing Income or Cutting Costs? In this post by Apathy Ends, or Mr AE specifically, dives into this question with some great twitter snippets and blog comments. Honesty I think Ty Roberts nailed it. Cutting is easy and immediate. Income is harder, but pays off more handsomely. I vote both. Take the cost cutting until it becomes easier to spend your time boosting income. (Easier said then done.)

Shan State, Myanmar from Resume Gap

Positano from Your Average Dough.


Until next time – good saving and happy living!


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