Sunday Shorts 11 – Breakfast Club Edition

Last week we revived the Sunday Shorts series with a collection of personal finance related blog posts. If you missed out on those amazing articles you can find them here (they’re still fresh): Sunday Shorts 10 – Return of the Blog. It was a great time, good crowd and fun morning of sharing on Twitter.

I thought I’d continue to bring a handful of those personal finance bloggers in to the ring again, but I’ve done in the past tack on a few categories of other content I’ve consumed this past week.

Blog news

As I continue to carry some blogging momentum forward, I took the time this week to review my 2017 Yearly Goals and provide a six-month update. Overall, 2017 is progressing above and beyond my expectations financially.  It was a great chance to look back on how much can happen in only six months, and a an amazing time to realize how easily work-life balance can be distorted.

But let’s get on with the sharing!

The Computer Geek

What better way to start out this link-fest than to bring in a compilation post by one of my new favorite bloggers, David at zerodayfinance.comThis past week David brought a two post series on the importance of passive income. In his second article he got real life stories from four bloggers (myself included) You can find the first post here, Passive Income is King, and the second post right here, Passive Income is King: 4 Real World Examples.

The AV Club

I have a loooong commute, at least 45 minutes each way everyday. Because of this new “found” time I’ve tried many ways to fill it. To date, the best way I’ve found is podcasts. A few podcasts I dug last week.

TED Radio Hour always has tremendous shows, but the July 21st episode, Prevention, had one guest that really stuck with me. I haven’t watched his full TED talk, but the podcast got me caught, with it’s one simple trick. Basically “[increase] saving behavior through [viewing] age-progressed  renderings of the future self.”  I’d love to see some “one simple trick” ads using this to get people saving money.

I’ve been listening to a new podcast, run by Pete at Do You Even Blog, being put out about all things blogs. At it’s heart it is hoping to teach its listeners how to get more traffic, increase revenue, and in general make your blog a higher quality piece of content. So if you are interested in learning something new I recommend listening to all the episodes, but start with the first episode with Physician on FIRE. 

The Home Economic Trio

I love me a good net worth update. It’s inspiring to see someone making solid progress, or dealing with hurdles and staying positive. Ms. Frugal Turtle provides monthly updates – and I am always impressed. She is absolutely crushing it this year and I just wanted to share the story. Check out her June financial update.


Paul over at The Code to Riches, posted (last year) some great advice for young workers (applicable for an older crowd too). His post Increase your Income Potential Before It’s Too Late!  is utterly important to realize as a young worker. I wish I had been provided this information earlier in my career. Achieve a bottom line – make an impact on the company’s bottom line.

Another oldie, but certainly a goodie. Chonce from wrote a guest post for Millenial Money Man about her relationship with debt, called How I Stopped Dreading My Debt and Started Doing Something About It. To quote: “Focus on what you can do to improve your situation and let the things you can’t do fuel your motivation to push forward.”

The Mathletes

If you have any interest in data, modeling and solving problems you will find this post is amazingly interesting. When you are trying to solve a problem. make sure your model is correct to the real world. Fantastic read by Jer Thorp titled You Say Data, I Say System over on Hacker Noon. It’s those aha! moments that have the most impact in your life.

And finally, another data driven post here – all about female superheroes! I’ve never been on this site, The Pudding, but their article, Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters, is so interactive and fun. Definitely worth a gander if you are you interested in interactive web features, data analysis, or, of course female superheroes.


Enjoy your Sunday and Stay Inspired! 



Feature image: Baim Hanif

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