Sunday Shorts 13 – For the 13th of August

Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully you’re having a kick-ass weekend and getting ready to cruise into the work week revitalized and hungry to dominate your projects. (If you’re already retired – workweek and weekend!)

First let’s get a brief review on any on-goings at zencents before diving into last week’s content for this week’s personal finance roundup. (Does anyone else dislike the word roundup? Sounds to rodeo for the internet.)

On Wednesday I posted my Monthly Expense Report for July, and also revised the landing page for those reports with a combo Expenses/Net Worth chart. Make sure to check ’em both out, please. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have not already, I’d love to get your vote in this Twitter poll, and a reply message if possible. So far I am blown away by the distribution of the answers. I was not expecting so many long-term tenures – some great stories in the replies as well.

Okay let’s get on with it.


If you are going to read one piece of content in this post, absolutely read this post from Zach at Four Pillar Freedom.ย He has some amazing visuals that show how lowering your expenses can really accelerate your path to Financial Freedom. (On a semi-related side note, many months ago I researched into finding a domain that would support my concept of an image where each pixel represents a dollar on my path to FIRE (with live updates). So far, I haven’t found the right name – any ideas?)

Visualizing Financial Independence With Tiny Blocks

I really enjoyed reading this mid-year update over on Epic Quiver. The biggest takeaway for me was the strength of the current job market. With a big boost in income and some amazing benefits, including a 5 minute bike commute, his new job sounds amazing. A little jealous. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you’reย thinking of changing companies – do it now!


As I commented on Lance’s site, My Strategic Dollar, this article provides a handful (five points exactly!) to work as a team with your significant other with regards to finances, but also life in general. The communication points are spot on and I know it’s something that will help many people. Also, as I commented – this list should be used in iteration as your life situation changes. Well worth the read, probably worth a save!

5 Steps To Getting On The Same Financial Page As Your Spouse

You like data and pretty charts? Well, this week the ONLs have got you covered, The Survey Results Are In! All About Our Next Life (and FIRE Blog) Readers.ย Mr. ONL dove a bit deeper into the data they collected and came up with some nice conclusions regarding typical blog readers. Clearly, the sample is self-selected, but the results are a solid resource for bloggers. Coolest tidbit: reading finance blogs brings greater confidence in your personal finance situation. Unexpected, no. Worth it to stay financially sharp and motivated by continuing to read, YARP!

The Survey Results Are In! All About Our Next Life (and FIRE Blog) Readers

The blog post Steve responded to – from 2011.

I love the attitude Steve at ThinkSaveRetire is spitting out in his post, Giving Shit to Those Who Retire in Their 30s. As most of my readers tend to also be personal finance bloggers, FIRE specifically, his post is well worth your time to reinvigorate your inner fire (heh!) in regards to your chosen lifestyle. The concept and math are solid, don’t fear the relatively simple rules to financial freedom.ย Click that thumbnail right over there to embiggenate the blog post he was responding to.


I assume many of my readers already have a solid grasp on personal finance topics, but it never hurts to get a refresher with a different take. I listen to MANY podcasts during my morning commute (listen to Marketplace on my evening drive).

Freakonomics is constantly diving into interesting topics, mostly non-finance related. Lucky for you, these past two episodes will be a great on topic listen for readers of this blog.

The financial index card.

First episode gives a few takes on index-investing, with some Bogle sound bites. Clearly a foundation pillar for FIRE folks, so worth a listen. Second episode, takes a stab at financial literacy, but mostly focuses on an interview with Henry Pollack (of financial tips on index card fame). Some other interesting interviews, including more Bogle. ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy your work week, or lack of, and see you next time.ย 



Feature Image from Yuriy Rzhemovskiy

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  1. Thanks for featuring my guest post on Lance’s site! You’ve compiled a solid list of wealth building writers here. I’m honored to be in their company.

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