Sunday Shorts 15

Sunday Shorts is your weekly personal finance (mostly) content roundup at zencents. It’s a showcase for all of my favorite content from the past week, that I know you will enjoy too!

Here’s the agenda for today:
  1. Some updates around the site and life tidbits.
  2. My favorite personal finance content of the past week (blogs, videos, podcasts, books,  poems, artwork… )
  3. A smile + inspirational quote and you get back to the rest of your Sunday.

Updates at ZENCENTS

Early Retirement Will Not Make You Happy!

  • Going to try and get a few guest posts on other sites in September. At least two lined up, maybe a third if I can swing the time. I’d love to get a guest post here at ZENCENTS.COM, so if interested drop me a message on Twitter or send me an email.
  • I’ve been making headway on two long forgotten 2017 goals these past weeks. I mentioned last week I was getting some clutter up on eBay. Well good news three items sold so far! (Might put the money into the site…) AND, as of this writing I am waiting for my wort to cool so I can get my beer fermenting. Brewing a Sierra  Nevada pale ale clone… might do another batch next weekend!
  • P.S. Don’t forget to nominate/vote for your favorite personal finance blogs, podcasts, books for the Plutus Awards! Nominate your favorites today!

Let’s see what that personal finance blog-o-sphere was up to.


Darian over at the new site, the Dollar Build (great name BTW), wrote this piece on the lost art of bartering. As someone who has known some great trades-men, I know there is a lot of truth in what he is writing. Changing your perspective on things can be helpful and bartering really gets you to evaluate the value of items you desire, or own. Good read!

Tricks of the trade: Bartering is easier than you think

I am absolutely picking up on what James is putting out at Occam’s Last Razor. FIRE is different for everyone. But the greatest shared benefit is the power financial independence can give you in terms of flexibility. I’m all about that simple living – and James wrote a very inspirational piece here.

Simple Living: Real Wealth Goes Wide and Not Just Deep

Raise your hand if you like “adult beverage” everyone now and then? Okay, good, most of you. Raise your hand if you think it’s affecting your finances, health, or productivity? Not too many. Well, Dylan over at Trail to FI courageously opened up about his drinking habits and encourages us all to do the same. You can read his post, FIRE and Alcohol: Do They Mix? then make the call for yourself. Beer is good. Beer costs money and needs moderation. Go read it!

Because It Needs to be Said

Erin over at Reaching for FI, thank you for sharing your opinions and feelings this week. It is true indeed Money Does Not Exist in a Vacuum. My favorite part of your post, realizing I am too complicit. My second favorite part, calling the Cheeto Mussolini a candidate. 😀

Artwork by the amazing Dan Piraro.

Two Challengers Approach!

LadyFIRE at FIRE by 35 is running a Budget Reboot challenge and this month the challenge is finding a MEATLESS meal her house enjoys. So here are my quick entries. Go with beans, skip the fake meats, and lots of flavor and sauce!

  1. Eat these BBQ Bean Burritos with Grilled Peach Salsa by Thug Kitchen. You can’t go wrong with burritos… so give these delicious baddies a try!
  2. Or, how about this Thai Quinoa Casserole by The Healthy Maven? Can’t say I’ve tried this exact recipe, but it’s making me hungry.
  3. And finally a Buffalo Soy Curl sandwich from The Vegan Stoner! Yes, I said no fake meats, but these are amazing! Make ’em spicy and lots of coleslaw. SO GOOD!


And our final challenge. Well, seeing as the warm weather is disappearing you better get hopping on this one. Get outside (most likely) and enjoy some sand betwixt them toes! I’ll have to really think about where I can find some, but it’s certainly little adventures like these that keep life interesting. Loving the Adventure Challenge series Mrs. AR at Adventure Rich!

Adventure Challenge #4: Get Sandy

That’s all for me folks. Enjoy your Sunday and week ahead!

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. – Mr. Buffet (not Jimmy)



Feature Image by James McGill

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  1. Zed great round up! I honestly love blog round ups because it allows for readers… by readers I mean me… to stumble upon other great posts that they may not of been aware. Good stuff…

    1. Exactly! I know I can’t read everything every week, so roundups allow other people to curate quality content for me! And everyone’s roundup is slightly different.

      Cheers! 😀

    1. Loved including your post! I’m too afraid to post things like this, but absolutely think similar thoughts. Thanks for having the courage to post. 🙂

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