2017: Yearly Goals

Only a few days left in January to get this in electronic writing. Because once it’s in writing only then do I become accountable for following through. So now that 2016 has wrapped us nicely, bringing much excitement, it’s time to focus on 2017. And what better to keep edging forward then to set some grandiose expectations of what the year will offer us.

Feeling S.M.A.R.T

Looking in the rear view mirror at 2016, I see new and exciting things happening nearly every month. When that year started many of those little things were on my mind. In fact, the only one that wasn’t really locked in when 2016 began was the new car. But, it had been an on and off thought for at least a few months in 2015. In the end, 2016 was amazingly productive, and I am hoping some momentum carries into this year.

Gazing forward into 2017, I actually don’t see much in terms of big events. (Unless some unforeseen external source alters the course of our country’s political landscape… ) However, now that I’ve been at this blog thing for roughly a year, and I’ve been on the FIRE path for roughly similar, some solid goal setting seems to be the order of the day.

I am not the goal setting type. There are lots of moments where I am flying by the seat of my pants. But more so, life has become a zombie like daily grind (a terrible thing to admit). However, like most people I am trying to get better and move forward where I can. Oddly enough, I think work-based project planning has entered my personal life. Now everything thing needs to be planned and quantifiable. SMART goals, I guess that is where we are headed.

Easy, Medium, and Hard Goals

A few categories of goals below, some personal finance related, some related to life outside of money and work, and finally a few goals for this site. I tried to lay out at least one Easy (green), one Medium (orange), and one Hard (red) goal per category. I expect to achieve 100% Easy, 90% orange and maybe 75% Hard.

savings goals:
  • Max my 401k, IRA, and HSA
    • One is done, two are in the works.
  • Save Invest an extra $1000 per month
    • First time I’ll have cash flow ready for something like this!
  • Achieve a Savings Rate of 75%, or higher for the year
    • Based on last year, this is possible, but maybe just barely.
Net worth goals:
  • Eliminate my final non-mortgage debt
    • It needs to be paid anyway, so let’s get the satisfaction of crossing it off.
  • Increase The (NW) Number by 50%
    • Projections say this is going to happen, with the market’s help.
  • Earn $5,000 in side income – hustle, hustle
    • Craigslist, eBay, … not sure what else yet.

personal goals
  • Triple my donations ($$$) at the minimum!
    • Political climate means my voice needs to be heard!
  • Get (back) in shape: cardio and lifting. 
    • I’ve been slacking, and well I feel weak and “old.”
  • Get my homebrew from fair to great!
    • I just need to master one recipe. Thinking a pale ale.
  • Spend more time at home. 
    • Not because I dislike being home, but because work is needy.
  • Complete the transition to plant-based eating
    • Just putting it here, makes me think I can do it.
site goals
  • 50 new comments.
    • Last year garnered eleven, so this seems achievable.
  • More posts
    • Seriously, just more, I tend to miss a lot of nuances in my FIRE pursuit.
  • Quarterly feature posts.
    • I’d like to really give back, do some research and help people out.

New year, new boring path

I realize now that this post is quite -blah!- and without some spice on the list tough to garner attention. But, the path to FIRE, once everything is set up, tends to be dull. Or maybe it just means I need to get some more interesting hobbies!

I do like knowing at the end of year I can look back and see how far I’ve come, how priorities have changed, and what goals are left for 2018. To me, seeing that forward momentum will be enough reward.

The two biggest goals I listed, Donating More and Going Plant-based! If I only can only achieve two, those are the chosen. What is a big goal of yours?

5 Replies to “2017: Yearly Goals”

  1. Those are some intense goals! Where did you get the 75% SR goal from? I hit 65.7% savings rate for January, but saving another 10% for me seems intense! We’ll see how it goes.

    1. 75% came from what I was able to do last year, BUT if I add back in some big expenses (which are now gone) I can get a fairly high SR.

      At some point going higher by exclusion is much harder than increasing your denominator, aka your income. Fortunately, I expect higher income this year than last. Should be another green year!

      EDIT: A little tricky because some expenses from last year came from savings, not 2016 “disposable personal income.”

  2. I like that you prioritized the goals given there are so many of them so you’ll have to pick and choose.

    I always try to throw in at least one fun goal, because it’ll help it be exciting. In our case it was travel hacking. Your home brewing might be that example for you.

    1. Home brew for sure… Makes good gifts too! But also exercise, because oddly I find it enjoyable when I find time. (Plus lifting heavy metal objects is *cool*)

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