Early Retirement Will Not Make You Happy!


There is absolutely no argument about the universal appeal of a lifestyle that offers endless summer. Just imagine a life free of burdens so you can enjoy your time, in whatever manner you please – that’s what I mean by endless summer. For all of us who are pursuing Financial Independence and especially those set on an Early Retirement, the goal is to get to endless summer quickly so we can “get on with our lives.” But, if you are like me, you are chasing that dream with a fair amount of reckless abandon and probably giving that future self too much power over your lifestyle of today.

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I started on my journey to financial independence not long ago, around the end of 2014. Much like compound interest, my investment in financial independence (and early retirement) exponentially grew with each tidbit of knowledge I consumed. Looking back, I can’t even imagine how many blogs I ripped through; devouring their content like my cat eats her breakfast. (Imagine a tuxedo colored vacuum sucking up all the food from a tiny dish in a few seconds.) Unlike many who come across the path of financial independence, my journey started with a gift! A gift I can only imagine my wife now regrets. 🙂

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2017: Yearly Goals – Six Month Check-In


Six months into 2017 and it’s time for the goal check-in. A little bit excited to run through this list because honestly I did put some thought into them when I wrote them. It’s also funny at times reading something from six months ago (I don’t really go back and read my own content) and wondering how on earth I came to such odd ideas.

So far 2017 has been very good to me. I’ve kept plenty busy at work (and apparently my hard work is paying off). I’ve kept myself almost as busy at home. Unfortunately, that has meant little time dedicated to making this site better and getting out any content other than expense reports.

I am using this little refresh here as a time to increase my momentum on the site. It’s also going to be exciting seeing how far I’ve progressed in just six months.

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A Year of Giving (More!)

This post is all about my plan to donate more freely and with maximum intention in the new year (2017). Ultimately, I hope to get a few readers to join me in the cause. That is why I below I am offering the chance to basically match your donation when you join me. I am hoping this focused charity will inspire you to give more freely in other aspects of your life, not only monetarily, but other benefits to your community. So if you are feeling extra generous today, keep reading and please leave a comment on your way out. 🙂 Continue reading “A Year of Giving (More!)”

2017: Yearly Goals

2017 yearly goals - mountain flowers

Only a few days left in January to get this in electronic writing. Because once it’s in writing only then do I become accountable for following through. So now that 2016 has wrapped us nicely, bringing much excitement, it’s time to focus on 2017. And what better to keep edging forward then to set some grandiose expectations of what the year will offer us.

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