Monthly Expense Report, December 2017


December is in the books and now I’m writing now from 2018. December is usually an awesome month; with lots of vacation days, friends and family getting together, and people just in happy moods. I absolutely loved this past month, it provided much needed stress-relief from the 9-5. Financially, it was another record breaking month, to cap off a record breaking year. I can’t wait to dive into my 2017 wrap-up and pull together some 2018 goals.

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Monthly Expense Report, July 2017


Where is the summer going? I had this big long list of projects to accomplish in the warm weather, but now summer is slowly disappearing! (Not to mention all the days of hammock reading I’ve been missing out – why does it always rain on the weekends?!)

July came and went. Honestly, I cannot recall too much of what happened. Apparently nose to the grindstone at work makes for dull memories. Luckily, I can review my line items in YNAB to reminisce about last month. So let’s get moving onto the July Monthly Expense Report to see what victories, and mishaps, took place in the world of zencents.

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