Monthly Expense Report, March 2017


A three paycheck month,  a big spending month, a look back at my spending for March: time for a fresh Monthly Expense Report! 🙂

I can’t say I did very well this month keeping expenses inline; so somehow I turned what should have been an amazing saving period with three paychecks into a consuming extravaganza! Let’s get a quick review of the numbers and then dive into a few details.

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Monthly Expense Report, November 2016

scenic view

Continuing the vacation photos. It helps that I enjoy looking at them and remembering that great trip! It’s almost lining up perfectly that by the time this household is ready to be FI, that we will be planning our next major vacation. Almost as if, we could leave our jobs (and maybe our house) behind for more than a few weeks. Maybe a few months of nomad style!

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