Monthly Expense Report, August 2016

The nights are beginning to get chilly, so adios Summer and ciao Fall! Autumn is probably my favorite time of the year, packed with lots of birthdays, holidays and what I consider perfect weather. And for us this year a few short vacations and one big international one in a few weeks. Exciting time of year!

That said, this time of year can be quite spendy because of gifts, gatherings and winter preparations. August checked in as an above average month, so let’s review. Just like every month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1450 per month.

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $925 Half of our monthly installment.
Travel $575 Yarp! Polishing up our plans, including a rental car + insurance. Passport in there too!
Debt $135 Installment on our HVAC loan.
Gifts $135  Lots of fresh fruit gifts this month!
Groceries + restaurants $90 Mostly lunch foods and some produce
Auto $80  Insurance + 2 tanks of gas (thx new car!)
Pets $50 Sack of dog food + treats for all!
Internet $50 Holding steady.
Phone $50 Making it work.
Home $25 Small stuff
Fun $25 Bonding with new coworkers over some drinks
Total $2110  Less the travel expenditures, not too shabby!


Monthly expenses of $1535 if that Travel category is removed. Without Travel about 6% over expected steady state. With some of the expenses I see on this list, I know I can get under that $1450 monthly target if life doesn’t get in the way. However September is a birthday-laden month, so it might not happen until October or November, but I feel content with that $1450 number moving forward. Lots of room for saving!

Nothing too exciting to discuss from this report. Travel is primarily cost of our rental car with the necessary insurance for where we will be cruising. But, also in there is my first adult passport, shiny and waiting to be filled with stamps. As the details on our trip are wrapping up I am getting excited. Walking around the house with my carry-on and day bags, getting the perfect ensemble of accessories. I haven’t been overseas for 15+ years!

The only other good point in here is all of the fruit salad we have been making and sharing as gifts. Fresh and mostly local fruits make great gifts in my opinion. Most gifts you purchase can be considered consumable. So if that is the case why not make it edible too!

Net Worth Update

Three paycheck month y’all! Bouncing back!


Back above that 50% mark for my beginning of the year target. Of course, now there are only four months left to reach that goal.

Markets were mostly flat for the month (or at least ended that way). I am happy with getting investments “on a discount,” but secretly (?) want to achieve my year end goal.

In last month’s update I talked about the need to get some side income streaming in. I can’t say I did well (or much of anything). I did travel a few times for work so mileage and meal reimbursement came in. Along with a large number of can/bottle returns, I picked up an extra $156. That is far short of the estimated $1500 I would like to start racking in. Slow start, but content.

I began a clothing purge where I might find some items to sell, but I don’t own “nice” clothing to begin with. There is also a not small quantity of car parts/tools to sell off now that my old car is a goner.

One area coming up that will hit my bottom line is unpaid leave during our vacation and around the December holiday time. Being new I don’t have enough paid hours stored up for our vacation, but now there is also a mandatory furlough during December. It’s possible I can borrow hours from 2017. In all honesty though, I’ll take some forced vacation, even without pay. 

Outside to the perfect weather!

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