Monthly Expense Report, January 2017

Hoorah! Welcome to our 13th monthly expense report! That means a new year of fun new expenses, and surprises around behind every door. It’s usually right around this time I review recurring expenses, like phone, internet and insurance. Have not done so yet, but definitely in the next few weeks.

But anyway… I always like to just dive right in, so back to the January Monthly Expenses. Like every month prior in 2016 2017, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1525 per month.

Monthly Expense Report

Trying a new format, prettier, but fewer details.
Change #1 for 2017: No longer paying the minimum on the mortgage.

Despite a low rate, I am now adamant about destroying debt, even when mathematically the outcome is less than optimum. It’s barely more than an extra $100 a month to the payment, but it absolutely brings the payoff date closer. $1,000 per month is the new baseline.

Change #2 for 2017: Enter the cash man

I track all spending manually with YNAB, but never found a great solution for cash purchases. (I generally go back and review credit card statements when I forget to enter a purchase on my phone.) So now ANY ATM withdrawal is counted as an expense, and the cash can flow freely from my pocket. (Cash is evil in my world.)

Change #3 for 2017: Donation Domination

As eluded to in my 2017 goals post, it’s time to up my giving game compared to 2016. With the turbulent political scene, and increased cash flow, I am no longer happy sitting on the side. I have a rough donation schedule for the year, and will be sharing it this month to get some help filling in the gaps. It’s time to speak with my money, and not at the consumer shops. If time was on my side, I’d rather donate that, but $$$ will do. Edit: 2017 donation tracking here!

Because there are fewer details above, please feel free to ping me for more information in the comment section. I will happily keep everyone updated who is interested!

Net Worth Update

"Push it to the limit."

Inching ever closer to that orange Goal line. You can notice a slight change in slope starting this year, better matching my cash flow and therefore raising the bar for Net Worth growth.

About 7.1% growth month-to-month, and roughly 4.6% below my Goal line. I got another paycheck just hours after January ended, and fairly sure that pushed me right up to my goal line. It is also pushed me right past a big milestone number. But since that took place in February it won’t be presented until next month.

Until the next monthly expense report. Time to hustle!

2 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, January 2017”

  1. I wish my expenses were as low as yours. My rent + car payment + car insurance is $1875 a month.

    What’s your plan to decrease your spending to $1525? You’re already on a very lean budget.

    1. Back when I graduated, I was paying $700 rent (my %), $270 car payment, $100 insurance (!)… plus something like $800 in student loan debt. (Also terrible eating out budget at that moment!) Spending less now, obviously.

      I’d like to downgrade my phone (plan), a bit wiser on food, and here and there on cash + personal expenses. I can easily shed $200 if I go truly LEAN. It’s worth it to see what sticks.

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