Monthly Expense Report, July 2016

And July is when all of that early year discipline finally comes crashing back down. Throw logic out the window and give into those societal pressures. What you will be wading through below is ugly and a disgrace for someone looking to achieve financial freedom. But, that is the point of these posts, to keep me aware of my spending.

Just like every month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1450 per month, or at least it is going forward.

Monthly Expense Report
Category Costs Comments, etc.
NEW CAR $16115 No comment at this time.
Housing $925 My half of our monthly payment including principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Veterinary $280 Costly blood work and shot, which was likely unneeded, but better to be proactive, right?
Utility $180 Water/sewer bill much higher than normal trying to get some grass/garden growing in drought.
Debt $135 Payment on 0% interest loan
Clothing $120 New everyday boots
Auto $105 Insurance + gasoline
Restaurants $105 Oops, eating out and beers
Groceries $65 Grill stuffs and lunch foods
Internet $50 Nice and consistent
Phone $50 Nice and consistent
Travel $45 Passport and International Drivers Permit
Total $18195 No comment at this time.


Oh, remember last month where expenses were nearly on target, right at that old $1600 mark? That didn’t happen this month. Take away that big car-shaped elephant, and it still came in about 50% over. Not really a victory month.

Let’s take a look at this elephant. New to me car (yes it is used, I am not going to commit new car blasphemy) to replace something not terribly old. 2014 model year from 2007 model year. Automatic versus 6-speed manual. About 65mpg vs 28mpg, with lower maintenance costs. There were many inputs into this decision, so it’s not actually a terrible move. A painful move to the bottom line, but I can justify it (and will be trying shortly). I shouldn’t be putting myself into a purchase that needs justification, but so be it.

On to the normal expenditures.

One cat decided eating is not very interesting, so in perfect time with his physical the vet and I decided on some precautionary blood work. Came back fine, but hit the wallet hard along with his rabies vaccination. Still not eating very much, but he really never has, unlike his chubby sister.

The quarterly water bill finally came in. I tried to get some new grass seed, some wildflowers and the garden needed water. No green thumb here and now with drought conditions, everything looks … terrible.

Splurged on some boots, or at least tried to. Bought some new boots for work since my old shoes were hurting my feet. Picked something out from LL Bean and went to try a few sizes. The size I ended up needing was the floor model (for all of a few days!) so I got 20% off. Not bad.

Everything else is pretty normal, some additional fees coming in now for our trip coming up this fall. Need an IDP (International Driver’s Permit) and a fresh passport. Soon an adventure!

Net Worth Update

One turnover is all it takes to be playing from behind.

image (1)

Looks like the second half the year is going to be interesting! Might have to start digging deeper into a “side hustle” to make up for the lost cash. Doesn’t hurt to get that second income stream started. Not what I expected, even a few months ago. Shows how fluid personal finance needs to be.

We are now at 36% to the end of year goal after seven months. This would be even worse had the markets not been on a tear in July, up something like 3.5%? For the graph’s sake I hope that tear continues, even if it means having to pay a little extra. 🙂

Just doing some simple math right now, it’s going to take a lot of hustling or good markets to hit that end of year goal. By my best estimates, which still exclude emergency and other known cost (gifts, snow tires), I need to pull in an extra $1500 a month (!) to achieve my beginning of year target. I don’t know how I will do that, but eBay and Craigslist are calling!

Off to hustle town!


4 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, July 2016”

  1. My gut reaction is to say don’t beat yourself up too much. But that’s basically my forte in life. Being hypercritical of myself, not sharing generic platitudes 😉 I mean, it seems like the car was a reasonable purchase. I actually think car buying is a lot less problematic than many PF people make it out to be. At least when PF people are doing the shopping. If you leased a Lambo I’d be leaving a different comment here. I’m right there with you in terms of needing to make extra money. I don’t have my sights set on an extra $1k a month, but we just found out our taxes are going up by 15% next year. That means we have an extra $100 a month to set aside forever (or until the next increase or decrease) plus we have to play catch up! Ugh. I’ll be following along for side hustle updates. Good luck!

    1. I am actually content with the purchase, but anytime I need to plunk down that amount of money it leaves an unwelcome feeling. Even after months of deciding and flip-flopping! Then the day comes where I have had enough and just go for it.

      No good ideas yet on side hustling. Going to gather my valuables and see what I don’t need… 😛

  2. I feel your car pain. I got one two months ago and will be getting another one this month. My goal is to have my net worth not go down.

    I’m blown away by your grocery budget. You and your cat must not eat very much at all!

    Best of luck hitting your year end goal!

    1. Good luck! I was hoping with the good markets and some paychecks I might be able to squeak by. But I don’t make enough and my NW isn’t high enough to make a purchase like this come out even.

      Groceries are tricky on these reports (I had a question on Twitter last month) because my partner and I split them. It’s always like 80/20, with me being the 20. Bills are divided up so that we both come out about equal. But, yes that cat sure doesn’t like to eat! (I do!!!) 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes!

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