Monthly Expense Report, July 2017

Where is the summer going? I had this big long list of projects to accomplish in the warm weather, but now summer is slowly disappearing! (Not to mention all the days of hammock reading I’ve been missing out – why does it always rain on the weekends?!)

July came and went. Honestly, I cannot recall too much of what happened. Apparently nose to the grindstone at work makes for dull memories. Luckily, I can review my line items in YNAB to reminisce about last month. So let’s get moving onto the July Monthly Expense Report to see what victories, and mishaps, took place in the world of zencents.

First up as always, the expense numbers before diving into the Net Worth update. Like every month, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is at or under $2050 per month. 

// Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $1500 Sending $500 extra towards the Principal monthly. (Still) feels good. 🙂
Home $240 (I barely remember what this is.) I think a wheelbarrow wheel and toilet wax ring and extra long installation hardware.
Foods $195 I spent too much eating out. Back to basic lunches for August!
Debt $135 2…
Auto $130 Insurance, gas, and state inspection.
Person $130 Yikes! Some selfish spending!
Pets $125 Foods, vets and whatever else they demand!
Donations $75 Finally getting off my ass and donating with (reckless) abandon!
Entertainment $70 Vacation spending – more in August.
Internet $50 Probably time to scour for cheaper options.
Phone $45 🙂 with this.
Medical $25 Grateful for good health – but need to keep it that way with more exercise. Next month…
Total  $2720 I know I can do better and will. Looking to cut from Person, Entertainment, and Home rows for August!
$240 on HOME

So this spending was early in the month, like that first weekend of the 1st/2nd, and I barely even remember what it was spent on! But, I see the store names, local Ace hardware and Home Depot, and vaguely recall.

Task one – fix the wheelbarrow and its deflated tire so I could plant a new rhododendron. I admit I splurged here, since I could have tried to replace the tube in the wheel. BUT, I went ahead and spent the extra $30 or so and bought a whole new replacement tire and rim. Why? Often, I find myself springing for the guaranteed fix, instead of the fix that is a bit riskier. To me that is often money well spent.

Task two – installing the toilet in the bathroom with the new flooring. It’s always an adventure in older houses to get things situated. Luckily, this was not too bad – new wax ring and some longer than standard bolt hardware. Done and done – no plumber needed!

$195 on FOODS

This isn’t really that terrible, but when most of it is on Restaurant spending, than it’s not great. So one of our favorite vegan friendly restaurants closed its door permanently. We went one of the final days and bought four entrees for $55 – two for then and two for lunch the next day.

But, in August I am going to cut back. One month of ONLY home made lunches (unless it’s a company expense 🙂 ). I’ve started to use bought lunches as a stress “relief” and need to nip it in the bud while I am aware of it.

$135 on DEBT

Two more payments remaining on our last non-mortgage debt. 😀

$130 on PERSON

A haircut because it was too hot and humid too sleep. (And yes, it did help!)

And a rare occurrence for me – new clothes! Again, this was all about coping with the heat. I recently donated a handful of polo shirts that shrunk just a bit too much, and got some replacements. In addition, two pairs of pants since my jeans were years old and beginning to be inadequate for the office. For the prices I paid I am content. This boost to my wardrobe should last a long while.

// Net Worth Update

Thought I’d try something a little different with this chart. (You can find a more detailed version on the Monthly Expense Reports summary page.) In this chart you will still find the green area representing net worth, but I also overlaid my monthly expenses to give a more robust story.



As I was just looking at Twitter (literally a few minutes ago) David at zerodayfinance tweeted about his being 2/3rd of the way towards his end of the year NW goal. I decided to look into my progress and was stunned.


That is so awesome. Good chance I will achieve my goal with two months to spare. This also means that 2018 I am going to need a tougher goal. Of course the bull market is helping – so maybe I can’t project too much larger. 🙂

*House equity – despite the increased mortgage principal payment is and never has been part of my net worth calculation.

That’s all for July. The year is now well more than half over. Financially everything is going better than expected and hopefully soon I’ll catch up with my warm weather task list.

Thanks for reading.

If you have time I’d love to hear how your summer is going!

And then you need to get out there and enjoy your SUMMER!


Feature image: ME! Ithaca NY

4 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, July 2017”

  1. We all have those days/weeks/months where we end up spending more than we want to.. but it sounds like some of your expenses were well worth it (wheelbarrow wheel, replacing old clothes, enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant that is closing).

    And nice work on being 83% to your net worth goal already! Impressive results.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, I try not beat myself up. BUT, I do pay attention, to see if I am trending in a bad direction. Thanks for reading, I know these updates can be a little dry. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Well done on the net worth increase, and the spending! I agree with you–sometimes I go with the more expensive, but guranteed-to-work fix. Yes, 83% of the way to your goal! That’s awesome. I really like the overlaid graphic as well. What program do you use?

    1. Thanks! It feels nice to be so ahead of my goal.

      I use Google Sheets for all spreadsheet work, including charts. BUT, I do any image editing in GIMP (things like text overlays, image overlays, cropping, resizing).

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