Monthly Expense Report, March 2016

This evening on our third installment of what did I spend last month and how big is my stash: We have some very exciting news coming in from the net worth department, but first let’s hear from the March monthly expense report numbers!

Just like last month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1600 per month (down $200 from January and February!)

Monthly Expense Report
Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $900  My half of our monthly payment.
Includes mortgage, taxes and insurance.
Veterinarian $230 Puppy needed some medicines filled.
Love her so much, so no qualms here!
Auto $160  Two tanks of gas, insurance and yearly taxes
Debt $135  Payment on a 0% interest loan
Medical $115  Payment for an office visit with my High Deductible Health Plan, plus a few prescriptions!
Insurance gets great discounts!
Student loans $105  Payment to my student loans
Food $105  Groceries and lunch supplies. Probably too much Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy this month. :p
Internet $70  A must have
Mobile $50  A must have
Clothing $25  A few finds on clearance (they got me!)
Housewares $25  Trash bags and some other home goodies
Entertainment $15  Went to see a show and took public transit (+parking) again. Worth it compared to driving.
Total $1935  Well, this makes up for last month. I am okay with this result, but could have avoided a few purchases. Will do better in April!

Okay, so my goal for this monthly expense report was $1600 and I went up to $1935, for an overspending by 21%. Hmm… that number is worse than I thought considering the spending wasn’t on something like debt. Oh well, rolling with the punches here.

The dog is on a fairly expensive allergy treatment plan that requires twice daily medication. It’s something ridiculous like $750 for a year of treatment! Because of the joy she brings to our lives, we want her to be at maximum happiness while her short doggy life coincides with ours. If it doesn’t end up working it’s possible we will evaluate this expenditure at the end of the year.

Had a specialist doctor appointment in January and finally got the bill this month. Something I didn’t realize with a HDHP is that insurance still gets you a great discount, which means your out of pocket is relatively small. What was a $470 visit amounted to me paying $135 because of insurance coverage. BUT, I also got a 20% discount for paying within 14-days of receiving my bill. 

Minimum student loan payment dropped 66%, so only $100 to those in March.

Finally, went to see a comedy show in the city and once again elected to take public transit instead of driving in and parking. We got to try a new vegan restaurant beforehand (so-so) and the show was absolutely AMAZING. Even our “cheap seats” were great and seemed better situated than the floor tickets.

I pulled this monthly expense report data from the You Need A Budget software, which has really helped me turn my finances around. I am currently using what is now the old version, YNAB4, but have also tried the new version. Sticking with the old until it breaks or the new version achieves feature parity. Find out more about YNAB and a few other tools I use on my Resources page. (And no this is not an advertisement. Just my honest love for what YNAB has done for me!)

And finally…

Net Worth Update

Again, let’s get the numbers into the discussion (or in this case the picture) before diving in. Same as last month showing my progress, but no real numbers as I am not ready to share full details quite yet.

Green shaded area is net worth and orange line my goal set at the beginning of the year.

March will be the last full month I front load my 401k. In April I will switch my contribution rate back to slightly above my company’s matching point and cruise into 2017. Time in the market!

Now, the fun part. If you look at that plot you easily see a steep spike in net worth.

Reason one: Markets performed well in March, up something like 5% give or take. Obviously that really helps out, to make my paper money look great! Reason two: I received a generous gift from my parents to help with my student debt, to the tune of $2,500. I think they were feeling guilty about me having crawled out of the originally six-figure sum on my own to the less than $10,000 it is today. I am extremely grateful!!! 😀

And in the end, these reasons pushed my net worth up to the 40% year to date mark.

And this concludes our monthly correspondence. Good night!

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  1. Nice to know you are going forward with the investment plans. sometimes, the expenses can go little higher than expected. It is very nice of your parents to help you with student loan

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      As you stated I am extremely grateful for my parent’s support in helping out with my student loan debt. And the money was a surprise which makes it extra fun!

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