Monthly Expense Report, May 2016

Finally some changes happening in my monthly expenses. Of course, this is not the place to read about all that jazz, so expect some more details to leak out via other posts. Being off of work for 2+ weeks has meant a little less time spent tracking spending and updating my spreadsheets. But, I think I have got everything all squared away now. Exploring financial frontiers over here.

So let’s look at some numbers. Just like every month this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1600 per month until I reach some sort of steady state with my current job changes.

Monthly Expense Report
Category Costs Comments, etc.
Student loans $4755 Hehe.. haha… (maniacal laughter)!!!!
Housing $900 My half of our monthly payment including principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Medical $705 Three bills finally came in, including for a surgery back in March.
Home $420 Free time means doing some chores!
Auto $185 Renewed AAA (still not sure about it) and insurance + some gas
Debt $135 Payment on 0% interest loan
Vacation $130 Time off also means mini-vacation! Free room (minus some lawn mowing) so only foods!
Entertainment $105 Sister was in town plus a trip to the city
Food $100 Not terrible
Internet $70 Should be $20 cheaper going forward!
Mobile $50 Same old prepaid pricing
Vet $25 Puppy medicines
Total $7575 Uh… way higher than the target
Total – SL $2820 Yeah… a little spend crazy in May.


So… I guess I got a little ants-in-the-pantsy and decided to wipe out my student loans. Pulled some cash from the stockpile and uh, just clicked “CRUSH MY STUDENT LOANS, yes please.” Entirely emotional decision. I figured I was starting a new job, so I might as well start without that debt hanging over me. The celebration party is tonight! (Edit: Nope, apparently my feast needs to thaw for 24hours)

Medical bills. I had surgery in March and the bill finally came. (It’s weird that I was looking forward to a big bill, right?) I knew it was coming, but I did not know how much. Right around my estimate, and being prepared I paid it off right away. Keeping all that sexy investment cash in the HSA account.

Part of my landing a new job was a two week “micro-retirement.” Which means time to catch up on some home projects. One big lawn renovation project (rented a slit seeder, bought a huge quantity of seed) and some smaller trim and outside projects. Could have used better planning to get more finished.

So I renewed our AAA accounts (and upgraded to Plus) despite having roadside assistance from our insurance company. We make a handful of longer drives each month and I think the cost is worth the comfort of having someone “on call.” It is one cost that could be subtracted if cars were not part of our daily life. Someday.

Another part of that between jobs “micro-retirement” was a mostly gratis vacation to Maine. It’s so relaxing to just put up your feet or pound some miles on a woody trail. I am in the fortunate situation that our lodging was covered with some simple lawn work.

A tad spendy in May. Ha… a A LOT spendy in May. I think it will reduce soon, especially with those pesky student loans in the rear view mirror!

Net Worth Update

Just cruising and barely holding my edge.

Green shaded area is net worth and orange line my goal set at the beginning of the year.

Crossed the 50% goal mark for the year! Actually right around 55% I think… so still sitting pretty. I expect the plot to get all screwy with the new job since pay is different. I will need to figure out how to track 401k matching since vesting won’t be 100% for 2 years. Probably going treat it as nothing until the lump sum on that 2 year mark. I should have a better understanding for the next update.

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