Monthly Expense Report, May 2017

Man, last month was a-May-zing! Very busy at work, very busy at home – hard to keep up with it all AND find time to relax. (In fact this post has been 95% complete for weeks – and only now in July am I getting it out there!)

I need to find more time for the blog – or just set it free. Still I will plug away to track my path to FIRE. Publicizing it is fairly interesting, but is it worth the extra effort? I’d love to someday look back on these entries and be grateful – but I’m entering the doldrums of FI and life is constantly beckoning.

But I digress, let’s dive into the monthly expense report for May. Like every month, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $2025 per month. And we did fairly well this month, but not crushing it like I used to.

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $1500 We have decided to increased our mortgage payment. With a 5/1 ARM, we are cruising to crush IT before the interest crushes US!
Home $285 Odds and ends for more home projects.
Auto $265 AAA renewal, insurance premium, gas AND maintenance!
Pets $215 Work on the pooch – she’s worth it!
Foods $150 Not too shabby…
Debt $135 FOUR more payments!!!
Entertainment $90 Basketball.
Internet $50 Sustaining
Phone $45 Rounding error – actually $5 less than last month. Still pondering a provider switch.
Total  $2735  33% over or so – meh.
$265 on AUTO

As small as this total appears, this was actually a HEAVY-HITTER month! We keep our AAA renewed primarily for the peace-of-mind, but we do also take advantage of the discounted rates at museums and hotels.

Brought the Prius in for a scheduled maintenance, ended up being extremely minor – but again peace-of-mind. (I also make sure to eat lots of treats/coffee while I wait!)

Finally, our regular insurance premium and gas as needed. Our insurance will be going up a tad next month. And I have been sitting on the fence as to whether we should jump into the umbrella insurance game. One of the big factors for (because our NW is probably not quite high enough) is all of the $$$ expensive cars I encounter everyday. Maybe a few more months – famous last words.

$135 on DEBT

Four more months, four more months! Once this guy is paid off we will be sitting on a single debt note – the mortgage. And with our accelerated payment schedule, we could be debt free within 10 years?! FIVE YEARS???

What to spend this extra cash flow on – clothing? Beer? Starbucks?


Oh boy – this was a once-a-lifetime deal! Got to attend an Eastern Conference Finals basketball game for free, so of course I paid for dinner and some concessions. In the end, all the fun teams got annihilated Golden State, but it was a thrilling ride! (Lebron James is a soul crusher, but it’s always mind-blowing to watch him play!)

Net Worth

A little dip since April, now 1.5% under my goal line! 

BUT, up 22.35% for the year to date, and looking to be ahead of the game next month [oh boy will we be sitting pretty!]. Last month I wrote, “Good chance I will be up 200% compared to December 2015 by the end of 2017.” Hearing some news around work-land that should put me at 200% by the end of September!!! My worth is reaching a point of true FU money, and actually leading me to think of being a bit more adventurous in my approach to work. Loving this savings game! 🙂

*House equity – despite the increased mortgage principal payment is and never has been part of my net worth calculation.


4 Replies to “Monthly Expense Report, May 2017”

    1. Hey Lance! Thanks for stopping in! Good luck defeating those pesky student loans! See you next month!

  1. Hey Zed, long time no see! I love reading your commentary. I personally think that your spending is super low. My static spending is $1675 per month and I’d be super happy to keep it under $2300. My goal is to stay below $3000 for now and $2700 when I don’t need to pay for parking anymore.

    When can we expect the June summary 😛

    1. Let’s just hope it gets out there before August! (Actually I hope today or tomorrow – some house projects are wrapping up!)

      Budget needs a review soon – it’s raise season and half way through 2017. How will your budget look for NY?

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