Monthly Expense Report, November 2016

Continuing the vacation photos. It helps that I enjoy looking at them and remembering that great trip! It’s almost lining up perfectly that by the time this household is ready to be FI, that we will be planning our next major vacation. Almost as if, we could leave our jobs (and maybe our house) behind for more than a few weeks. Maybe a few months of nomad style!

But anyway… back to last months spending. And like every month prior, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. Current target is under $1450 per month.

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Home $1085 Final payment on insulation! Oh yeah!
Housing $925 My half of our warmed space!
Auto $260  Maintenance and taxes
Pets $175 Medicine and kibbles
Groceries + Restaurants $135  Takeout night… yum!
Debt  $135  10 payments left… woot!
Donation $125 For my favorite radio station!
Internet  $50  Yarp
Phone  $45  Still can’t find anything to convince me to switch
Total  $2935 January please come soon!


I am pretty excited to get the insulation finished. The house is a split level with a single zone for heating. With zero insulation in the walls, the room-to-room variation was crazy. I can already feel the difference in the upstairs, where the bedrooms are. Now I just wait for the bills to rolling in, since the first one didn’t show much change. 

Big maintenance month for the cars, both went in for basic service. In addition to a few tanks of gasoline and insurance, there was also a small tax related expense. But $260 is still less than the car payment I took on when I got my first job out of school. Live and learn!

Finally, it is fundraising month for many places, including radio stations. I tend to listen to radio in the car (with a 90+ minutes in the car everyday, it works). I listen to certain news programs *cough* MarketPlace *cough* but also LOTS of college radio. I like my music weird and fresh. 

Net Worth Update

Climb, climb, climb!!!


One month to go… and we’re climbing. Got some ground to make up (lots and lots of ground). But overall, November was a steep month thanks to the market rally of like 3-4%. Mmhmm… that is might fine.

Next month is more spending, but also a company bonus. Going to be exciting!

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