Monthly Expense Report, November 2017

October is out the door and the holiday season has begun. With only a few more full weeks of work left for the year, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate… So instead I am going to get back into some neglected budget and forecasting spreadsheets. But first a look back on October’s spending.

Fully-exposed, my monthly spending report for Zed at during the month of August 2017.

This is going to be another short one as I try to wrap up my 2017 reports. Work and life has kept me busy for the past months, so September, October, November, and December are all overdue. Going to be on point and out the door quick with these updates.

First up as always, the numbers before diving into the Net Worth update. Like every month, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. The current target is at or under $1925 per month. (Lower without that pesky thing called debt!)

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Home $3780  I now park my car on $3750
Housing $1500  Mortgage plus a little extra to principal
Auto $670  Snow tires plus scheduled services
Foods $175  Grocery treats (cakes!) and some road trip munchies. 
Medical $130  Cavity? Cavity?! cavity. 
Donations $125  Annual donation to my favorite radio station.
Internet $50  Nothing new
Phone $45  Still prepaid VZW – nothing new
Entertainment $20  Scheduled person maintenance
Total  $6495  Just one of those months.

Home – $3780

Big spending month, once again, for some home improvement. Thankfully, this one was hands off other than getting some quotes, monitoring the work, and writing a check.

We got our driveway completely redone: torn up, new base put down, and all new asphalt. Absolutely necessary? No. But, the driveway was surely the original from when the house was constructed 50+ years ago. It was lumpy, cracked, and had a number of large gaps.

Going forward it will be maintained. An ounce of prevention, etc.

Auto – $670

Thinking about maintenance, I got both cars in this month for their scheduled maintenance. I’ll admit, this is the first car I have EVER brought to the dealership. For years, I’ve done almost all of my own work, except anything requiring specialized tools (mostly deep engine work).

But, if I’ve learned one great thing from my wife, it’s buy a Toyota. Reliable, maintenance cost is LOW, and it will last forever. So, I’m following suit and so far so good. An ounce of prevention, etc.

Also, new snow tires for her car. Absolutely required around here. I have no issues spending $400 every 4-5 years for the added safety benefit. It’s really hard to put a price on the safety they provide, but having experienced driving without them – I know $100 a year is an easy expense to swallow.

Foods – $175

I spent a few short days, a few 10-20 degrees cold days, helping my dad frame his new outbuilding/workshop. So some extra road trip snacks on the way to and from my parent’s house, plus some extra goodies for my wife. Nearby their house is an amazing co-op that often sells vegan goodies – and I was in luck. I couldn’t head back home without a vegan cake, an armful of local granola, and tasty, tasty popcorns.

Medical – $130

The fun month wouldn’t be complete without my FIRST EVER CAVITY!

Thankfully it was only one, but damn if it wasn’t a whole mouth full. The filling was easy and painless. But, the experience absolutely changed my mindset on all things mouth hygiene. I’ve been flossing like never before, rinsing with fluoride, and avoiding sugar as best I can.

So to repeat my November mantra, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Net Worth Update


Despite this crazy expense month my net worth still made an uptick!

It really helps when the market goes up about 2.8%. I am really beginning to see the effects of the market on my net worth. A little exciting for sure, but on the other hand a little nerve wracking since it’s been going up so long.

The market is not the economy, and currently both are doing great.

*House equity – despite the increased mortgage principal payment is and never has been part of my net worth calculation.



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