Monthly Expense Report, October 2017

October is out the door and the holiday season has begun. With only a few more full weeks of work left for the year, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate… So instead I am going to get back into some neglected budget and forecasting spreadsheets. But first a look back on October’s spending.

Fully-exposed, my monthly spending report for Zed at during the month of August 2017.

This is going to be another short one as I try to wrap up my 2017 reports. Work and life has kept me busy for the past months, so September, October, November, and December are all overdue. Going to be on point and out the door quick with these updates.

First up as always, the numbers before diving into the Net Worth update. Like every month, this is only my spending and no one else in the household. The current target is at or under $1925 per month. (Lower without that pesky thing called debt!)

Monthly Expense Report

Category Costs Comments, etc.
Housing $1500 Sending $500 extra towards the principal. Many, many years to go.
Home $505  Got junk? I did.
Utilities $175  Grass is greener? A bit, a bit.
Foods $115  Pretty happy with this amount.
Auto $95  Standard stuff – fuel + insurance.
Entertainment $80  Belated birthday meal w/ my dad.
Internet $50  Ho-hum.
Phone $30  Finally used the credit on my account.
Medical $10  A few first aid supplies.
Total  $2560  Bleck.

Home – $550

I spent a good amount of time in October doing clean-up and tidying, of both the basement and garage. Pulled enough junk out (plus an old chair the pup has been using) to actually pay someone $205 to take it away! Old carpet, the chair, previous owner’s leftover “lumber,” strange metal frames dragged from the woods – all junk.

Crazy how empty places just assimilate stuff. It gets moved around to make room for more junk. Organizers are bought to just store things for years. Most of it gets forgotten, then pulled out every few years and put right back. Feels real good getting rid of it – and better having more space!

Utilities – $175

Time for our quarterly water and sewer bill. This is easily the highest I’ve ever paid and it’s all because of trying to get some grass to grow. Not only does it take hard labor and money to sustain a lawn, it takes lots of water. I am a little against lawns, so I am still planning to get a new landscape design mapped out this winter. Whatever happens, more native and low-maintenance plants are on order for 2018. (Planted bulbs for the first time ever this year! Spring will be awesome!)

Entertainment – $80

September was a month of birthdays and associated fun activities. Well, this carried over a bit into October when my dad and I met for dinner. Great opportunity to catch up and enjoy some amazing beer and yum-yum Brussels sprouts. Seriously this place made amazing Brussels sprouts!

Fortunately, November and December never have large amounts of holiday gatherings or gift giving. 😝

Net Worth Update


Despite the higher than desired spending my net worth keeps on climbing. In fact, as of right now I’ve reached my end of year goal, two months early! The rest of the year is just cake until 2018.

Now to increase my focus on keeping spending down, instead of allowing myself to get a little loose because of the nice buffer. I can’t see my spending being too low rest of the year – I know of one big bill coming in November – but starting 2018 it should start to hit that $2000 mark.

*House equity – despite the increased mortgage principal payment is and never has been part of my net worth calculation.



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