Purchase Your Next Car Like a Teenager


My first car cost me $600 and I paid in cash. My second car cost $18,000 and I financed it at 6% for 5 years. My current car again cost $18,000 and I paid in cash. After that second car and upping my financial know-how I approached my third purchase with logic instead of emotion. I’ve learned even more since that last purchase, and continue to polish up my car buying approach, which I will be sharing in this post.

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Sunday Shorts 15


Sunday Shorts is your weekly personal finance (mostly) content roundup at zencents. It’s a showcase for all of my favorite content from the past week, that I know you will enjoy too!

Here’s the agenda for today:
  1. Some updates around the site and life tidbits.
  2. My favorite personal finance content of the past week (blogs, videos, podcasts, books,  poems, artwork… )
  3. A smile + inspirational quote and you get back to the rest of your Sunday.

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Early Retirement Will Not Make You Happy!


There is absolutely no argument about the universal appeal of a lifestyle that offers endless summer. Just imagine a life free of burdens so you can enjoy your time, in whatever manner you please – that’s what I mean by endless summer. For all of us who are pursuing Financial Independence and especially those set on an Early Retirement, the goal is to get to endless summer quickly so we can “get on with our lives.” But, if you are like me, you are chasing that dream with a fair amount of reckless abandon and probably giving that future self too much power over your lifestyle of today.

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