Sunday Shorts 03

Oh boy, I don’t even know where I left off and so much has taken place since any last update. A month ago, my somewhat slow job search began to gain steam fast as I landed two interview within a matter of days. Fortunately, the choice between those two was easy as I was determined to be under qualified for one. So, then it was, is the new job offer good enough to depart my current job after eight years. And for many reasons, the answer was YES!

I took two weeks off between jobs and had some relaxation, some home projects and a few days of away from home vacation. And now I have been back in the working world for two weeks. I have gotten all my benefits setup (hello improved 401k plan!) and am slowly gaining steam in my day-to-day.

Of course, over the last month I have hardly touched this blog or really anything finance related. The bare minimum, but no planning or modeling things in spreadsheets. With paychecks starting to roll in, I am updating again and feeling good! Everything is moving a bit faster and freedom is slowly creeping it’s way into sight.

Many things are better with the new position, but biggest down side is a longer commute, nearly double. And that longer commute is pushing me closer and closer to a new-to-me car (likely a used Prius, 2012/2013). Long term the move makes sense since I will be driving a bit more during my commute, but also to supplier sites. All the mileage reimbursement looks better when fuel costs drop. Also taking on a new debt sounds silly since I just finished paying off my student loans. Decisions ahead.

I have other new purchases in sight as well. Luckily, I think most of these are single time expenses and not some sort of life style inflation, but I will need to be careful.

The new position requires a slightly more business appropriate attire, so no more jeans and t-shirts everyday. Clothing wise I am all set, but shoe wise I am lacking. The problem is most of my shoes are CASUAL, and my one pair of appropriate footwear is starting to wear. And by wear, I mean I constantly rub holes through the shoe box with my big toe. It doesn’t matter the shoe, the size, the socks or whether my toenail is freshly trimmed. I always wear that hole. So now I am looking for a buy-it-for-life type of deal and spending a bit more. Hopefully I can find something ASAP.

I think that is many of the major decisions that taken place over the last four weeks, but surely other items have been skipped over that will slowly be written about. The job transition is a prime subject for this blog and I seem to have flubbed it. Let’s see what else has been keeping my attention.

  • You have probably heard of Blue Zones where people are living longer and the studies trying to figure out why. I haven’t really read too much about it, but this “piece” on Sardinians caught my eye, as I have that island on my list of places to visit/live.
  • This 538 article is from back in April, but the concept of Basic Income is just so interesting I had to link to it. The article is not the most in-depth, but some of the pictures/graphs highlight key issues to consider.
  • At least this article is from May. I love going to national parks and being outdoors in general. One of my goals in an early retirement would be some RV travel to see more of the country. But, apparently the creation of parks can be quite controversial, even when the land is gift-wrapped with money as evidenced by out lash surrounding a Maine park expansion.
  • This digital-analog, liquid interface project at MIT is just super cool.
  • Finally, I wanted to share this great urban homestead project from fellow blogger Unconventional Sustainability, because I think the results so far have been inspiring. I really need to up my game at home!

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