Sunday Shorts 04

How’s it hanging fellas? I’m doing just fiiiiiiiiiine.

Welcome to Sunday, and Father’s Day to boot! No breakfast in bed here, just a regular morning filled with feeding some animals and making some coffee in our weekend-only French press. Except I followed it up with a handful of these freshly picked strawberries! tasty_berries(Going picking is awesome. You get to spend some fun time doing an activity outdoors at a beautiful farm and at the end you get a tasty prize.)

I am now into the thick of things at the new job. A handful of long-term projects on my plate, many (many!) meetings, weekly tasks and productive time at the office. It feels good to be productive, whether it is for myself or a company. Obviously your internal goals should align at least a little bit with the company you are giving your time to. At this point I am happy with how things are going.

The week coming up brings my 2nd paycheck and it should be the first one to include benefits payments, HSA contributions and 401k contributions (plus matching!). I have the estimated net pay set up into my spreadsheets, but after comparing with the actual it will be time to review my budget and forecasting!

No movement on a new vehicle yet, but still considering a new-to-me purchase of a Prius or Prius C. Last week was my first road trip for work. I expect the frequency to increase and with the added commute length, buying a more fuel efficient vehicle makes some sense. According to the spreadsheet calculator I built (I do this for everything now!) the prorated price of the new vehicle would be barely more than keeping and maintaining my own. Surprising!

And now for a smattering of interesting (to me!) items from the web-iverse.

  • Congratulations to JL Collins for publishing his investment guidance book! His blog has been a fantastic resource to the FI community and his series of posts about the stock market are a MUST-READ! So, now with the release of his book he is helping even more people get on the path. I can’t wait to read this and will likely buy a copy or two as gifts for people I think would be receptive to his teachings. Congratulations!
  • I don’t think Forbes is a great site for news (I really dislike their ad-blocker wall), but this article sparked my curiosity about wage growth and unemployment: Full Employment Is What Boosts Wages–Something We Can Now Test. With unemployment reaching (record?) lows across the United States, there are probably going to be some interesting economic results. I don’t expect to read about anything interesting quite yet, but in a few years maybe the data will help guide economies upwards.
  • Basketball is not a sport I regularly follow, at the college or professional level. However, I do like watching playoff basketball. This year’s playoffs have been entertaining. I had been routing for OKC, but now am all aboard the James Train. Can’t wait for tonight’s Game 7. This opening picture sums up my feelings on this Finals series: Sunday Shootaround.
  • Clearly, there is some concern regarding future economic growth as the Fed once again failed to raise rates citing Brexit and the global economy. Of course one can’t predict the future, so we could all say that market returns will be lower for a few more years, but they end up negative or rocketing upwards. Similar, I would like to dive a bit more into worker productivity numbers and how they are calculated.
  • Reading is great habit to develop. Anecdotal evidence aside, I think I am going to set up a hammock in the yard and get back to some reading! I “earned” it and it’s Father’s Day! (Add me on goodreads!)
Sadly, not me nor my hammock.

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