Sunday Shorts 06

I swear this blog is not about horses. Apparently they are just really photogenic. I was just driving back from the shops when a horse (plus rider) were crossing the street. I don’t really live in a rural area, but this is not too uncommon for me. Back growing up there was a barn a few houses away with two horses. I would walk by them twice a day to catch the bus. Usually feed them some grass on the walk home. Random train of thought for the afternoon.

Tomorrow will be an update on Net Worth, and after some quick napkin math, it looks like my year end target might be out of reach without some serious hustle. It might be really close, and I might be missing an item or two (emergency expenses, surprise work bonus), but it is now a race to the finish. Should actually make me buckle down for the rest of the year.

At this point two months into a new job I would expect to have most of the basics down. I know I am more comfortable dealing with certain things, but there are still lots of on the job training pieces missing. With the fast pace in the office I hope to get those learned-up soon, otherwise I will likely fall behind.

Part of the intrigue of the new company was working closer proximity to my dad and brother (10 minutes away). Finally, after two months I met up with them for a drink. I may have underestimated how time consuming this new job would be when I accepted. At least I am learning new skills and industries.

  • Recently been thinking about the house. One of the big items is the landscaping. Currently our region is going through a drought and most things are brown, or turning brown. It would be nice to get some resistant features in place, and native plantings. I stumbled upon rain gardens, and everything is leading me to fire up SketchUp and image out my “Master Plan.” Anyone done this before without any landscape experience?
  • In a few minutes I am going to drive out to a local grocery store that has a swath of EV (electric vehicle) charging stations. With the new car I am now always on the lookout for these. Word is that the grocery store has these for free! Most places are part of the ChargePoint system which is like 4x/kWh than at home. Not a cheap charge, as gasoline is more cost effective right now. The math does not support owning an EV, or PHEV in my case, at the moment.
  • Is anyone else excited (?) for the Rio Olympics? I don’t know what is going to end up happening, but I am a little bit scared for everyone involved. At the least it sounds like the corruption and crime in Brazil will be more globally┬ávisible. I know I am surprised by every story that emerges. Will they just move everything back to Athens for the next few decades, please?
  • No Fed rate hike this time around, and probably not next month either. I am fine with that, but if we are close (and I have not read up on this) why not make smaller jumps, like 0.05%? I assume you can get some sort of signal out of these smaller bumps to justify more or less during the next visit.
  • Interesting interview with Jesse from You Need a Budget at MMM. I am still not supporting their cloud-based software update because I don’t think it was ready to launch (and still doesn’t look complete), but YNAB4 is great for me. The most interesting part to me was how regimented is day is. Must be striking a chord in me because of the lack of “productive” hours I feel during the work week.
  • And it’s August.

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