Sunday Shorts 14 – Late Risers Edition

Have you ever had one of those weeks that passes slowly, but when you look back you don’t remember all the details? Yeah, me too. As such I kind of got a little behind on posting this week, so this personal finance roundup might be a few hours later than normal. Sorry for the delay – I know you were waiting! 🙂

Let’s get on with it before the day is over.

Updates at ZENCENTS

  • Posted a meaningful article to me called “EARN. SAVE. INVEST. ENJOY.” In it I took the advice and guidance from Ms. Our Next Life and created my own Financial Independence Mission Statement. I’d really appreciate a read and your feedback on my statement. I put a good deal of time and energy into crafting it and want to know how I can make it better. 😀
  • Also added a quick little contact form up there, for those of you looking for a more private avenue of communication. You can always find me in the comments or Twitter (@zen_cents), but thought a few of you would appreciate the more personal environment of an email exchange.

    Farm Sanctuary animal break.
  • Coming up I have a few posts 50% finished, not sure which one will make it to the end first. Expect something to drop on Wednesday, unless I need more editing time – then Thursday, like this past week.
  • Finally, been working on one of my 2017 goals of getting some side income. Getting my eBay game on and listing some hidden treasures, old car accessories, clothing – whatever. If it doesn’t sell its getting trashed or donated. Unclutter my life – the real 2017 goal.

Okay, enough about me – let’s get to that sweet sweet content from YOU!


Lets’ start off with something a little heavy from Mr SSC at Slowly Sipping Coffee. It’s so easy to have a plan ready for early retirement, pulling the plug when that date or $$$ amount shows up, but are you mentally prepared? Or, will that lucrative office career, with its personal connections, identity ties, and financial incentives designed to keep you on board hold you back? I am feeling this a bit right now. I’d like to keep my career path open, but I’ve got a 401k to vest and a few bonus months coming up. Can I really afford to give those up? Worth reading, and worth thinking about for when your early retirement date comes.

One More Year Syndrome is Legit

Now for the “most boring game of Truth or Date ever” from Penny over at She Picks Up Pennies. First, two years blogging – congrats! You’ve really become a strong voice in the PF community. Second, this post is awesome. Nobody is perfect, read a few of Penny’s victories, and a few items she is owning up to and not caring what the frugal-Joneses think about her. Read it!

My Money Truths & Two Years of Blogging

I came across someone doing this exercise on Twitter and was immediately intrigued. Well, in our house we’ve recently been talking about getting a five-year plan, so I thought this would be a good start. We started yesterday (less talk, more do), and today will translate them into actions. If you are looking for some guidance in life, by yourself or as a family, this exercise is pretty great. Jillian at Montana Money Adventures did a fantastic job setting her reader’s up for success. Read it, do it, keep moving forward. 🙂

Mentoring Questions: Be-Have-Do

Something inspirational

This post, Still On Our FIRE Honeymoon, is over two weeks old now, but ask Mr. FIRE Station if anything in his attitude towards early retirement has changed, and I bet you get an emphatic “No!” If you are on the path to financial independence and getting a little deterred, go READ THIS RIGHT NOW. What’s the conclusion: “the feeling of euphoria seems to be truly long-lasting.” Yeah, put me on that early retirement waiting list please.

Something a Little Funny

Are you a slightly older gentlemen with a thinning or receding hairline? Well, think about just cutting it all off. Better yet, do it yourself and save time AND money. I’ve owned my clippers for 12+ years now. Sadly, for my wife, my hair is now thinning. So the question is do I enjoy my hair and grow it out, or keep it tight and accept my fate now? But really, Happy Camper at Working on Happy wants us to give up some ego, be ourselves, and live our happiest lives.

Bald and Free: What would you be willing to do?

Time to go enjoy the remainder of this sunny summer Sunday. 



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