Sunday Shorts 16 – Take Monday Off, Okay?

Sunday Shorts is the zencents version of a weekly content roundup, primarily focusing on personal finance. It’s a showcase for all of my favorite blog posts, podcasts, twitter discussions, etc. from the past week, that I know you will enjoy too!

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Updates at ZENCENTS

It’s been a busy week in my world, at the 9-5, and on this site. Really working hard to keep my blogging momentum going and so far it’s been paying off, at least in terms of satisfaction.  This site is a hobby, and if it’s not fun or satisfying, then what’s the point?


For all of September, if you make any donation to the relief of Hurricane Harvey, I will add $10 to my donation. All you have to do is tell me by leaving a comment on my Year of Giving More post. If you’ve already made a donation, just post a comment telling me where and I’ll boost my donation by $10.  

Two new posts last week:

I’m trying to get some more useful info out to you and this one’s been lingering for a while. I’ve gone off-and-on with how to present it, but just gave in and typed something up. This is likely a piece I will edit and grow – especially the associated Car Buying Workbook.

Purchase Your Next Car Like a Teenager

And something a little off-topic regarding my first attempt at being a podcast guest. It was pretty difficult, but I kind of want to do more. Thinking I’ll push for this in a 2018 yearly goal. For now I wait until this podcast drops so I can hear how I actually “performed.”

My Painful Podcast Adventure and Why I LOVE the Personal Finance Community

Going to get at least one post out this upcoming week and that’s my August Monthly Expense Report. My spending in August was near record-breaking, in the “it was really, really low,” kind of record. Excited to share it.

Anyway, let’s get you consuming some delicious content!

Blog Posts

Really enjoyed this piece, Why I’ve Ditched My Car and Walk To Work Instead, over on The $76k Project about trading in her car commute for a pretty long walk to work. I am absolutely impressed by the walking 2.5 miles EACH way! So many great benefits to this trade in lifestyles – I’m a bit jealous. I am definitely looking forward to something like this whenever we move next. The closest I have now is being able to walk to the library – which is fair, but not like walking to work!


Adam at Minafi has a great site going. If you haven’t heard of it don’t worry, he is low-key marketing it as far as I can tell. His posts are all fantastic, and I really enjoyed reading his Goals update this month – the format and detail are superb. On a side note: Check back on his site Monday/Tuesday as he is launching a super cool interactive FIRE guide. It’s going to be mega awesome!

August / September 2017 Personal Goals & Review

We all know Cait Flanders, but honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with her recently. Well, I am so lucky to have come across her post last week,  10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life in 10 Minutes. I am not usually a fan of “listicles,” but she absolutely crushed this one. I’ve bookmarked this one so I can continue to utilize her tips. Read it nowAnd she introduced me to the unsplash for chrome plug-in – AWESOME! 


I ALWAYS get pumped when I get a notification for a new Mad Fientist podcast episode. Once again the Mad Fientist put out some killer content, and Michael Kitces research really shines. Absolutely worth the listen to get you pondering whether your 3% withdrawal rate is overkill. (Short answer: Yes. 3.5% should be solid.)

Michael Kitces – The 4% Rule and Financial Planning for Early Retirement

Another great listen this week – and a relatively new podcast. The “Fire Drill podcast was started by Gwen from Fiery Millennials and J from Millennial Boss.” Listened to the Guy on FIRE episode this week who really got me thinking about rental properties. But it certainly doesn’t fit my lazy investment attitude. Insightful interview – listen for some real estate wisdom.

FIRE 003: How to Build a Real Estate Empire in Your Twenties

New podcast alert! Not launched yet, but when I found out this was happening – OMG, excited! As they describe in their twitter bio:

Podcast coming soon! Rad women. Real money talk. None of that same old financial bullsh#t. A collab between    and  .


Only because this response was hilarious.

Have a productive Sunday and Happy Monday off!



Feature Image by Kyle Ryan

2 Replies to “Sunday Shorts 16 – Take Monday Off, Okay?”

  1. Thanks for the callout! I’d been on the fence about doing goals and more personal posts like that one, but I’m glad to see you enjoyed it (I’ve gotten that feedback from some others as well). Have to keep it going. ?

  2. For me it gets me thinking about my goals, and whether I am on the right course. Gives me some ideas for goals I may not have thought of as well… and I think I should probably copy a handful of yours. 😀

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