Sunday Shorts 18 – Happy and Busy

Sunday Shorts is the Zencents version of a weekly content roundup, primarily focusing on personal finance. It’s a showcase for all of my favorite blog posts, podcasts, twitter discussions, etc. from the past week, that I know you will enjoy too!

Updates at Zencents

If you’ve donated in relief of Harvey, Irma, Maria, etc. please leave a comment telling me who you donated to on my A Year of Giving (More!) post. If you do, I will donate an extra $10 at the end of the month. Just leave a comment and I donate $10! 

A Year of Giving (More!)

In other news, I’ve been absolutely swamped at home and work. Sadly, that has meant no posting from me – and very little time on Twitter. 😛

Part of the good news – some of that “swamp” is crushing projects out of the park, an odd uptick in contacts from head-hunters, lots of birthdays, and getting chores done at home. Winter is coming! (But first my favorite season – FALL!)

Hopefully, come October I will find some extra time each day for writing and creating content. At the very least I’ll be posting my monthly expenses, but I feel much happier when sharing more personal, thought-provoking content.

Blog Posts

Absolutely amazed by the results Guy on FIRE achieved with his giving post! Collectively, he garnered $15,000 towards Harvey relief.  THAT IS MIND BOGGLING! Good work!

Update: The Giving Challenge

I love following the story at Eat the Financial Elephant and this August update was right in line with some of my current thinking. First quote: “even small amounts of “post-retirement” income radically change the retirement planning equation.” So true, and this is currently part of my plan. BUT, I haven’t really baked into my numbers yet – I should, retirement could be sooner than expected. Number two, read the companion piece for the full effect:

August Update// Mixing The Math and Emotion Of Retirement Planning

This post by 99to1percent is soooo inspiring! In the early stages of FIRE enthusiasm, it’s really easy to focus on the outflow of cash – your expenses. We have the most control over these and can get a series of wins instantly. But, incoming cash is important too (to a degree). Focusing, on career advancement and listening to offers is important. It’s something I’ve picked up on last year when job searching. Something I need to do better: highball your expected salary – you’ll be surprised at the results.

How We Increased Our Annual Income From $0 to $160K to $400K+


I’m sooo glad I got back into reading Cait Flanders – everything she is doing is engaging my desire for more from life. (Often through less!) She sent an email this week (go get on her newsletter) about Mindful Hiking. I am always trying to stay in the now and noticing everything happening around me, but it’s all too easy to fall back into my train-of-thought. Her emails are nice reminders of this practice and I really appreciate them.


Love this. 🙂

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Back out of the digital realm and into the “real world” for some fun Sunday activities. Be seeing you soon!



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  1. It’s a great honor to be featured on your Sunday shorts. You’ve motivated me to do more to close out the year. Keep crushing those projects.

    Thanks for all of the resources you are giving into the hurricane fund. That will come back ten fold.

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